Working on an Embedded Recruitment Model: Interview with Emma Rozumenko, TA Specialist at Matchr


Matchr helps companies to scale up their teams by providing Embedded Talent solutions. Our recruiters and sourcers are fully embedded into our partners’ teams and help them to deliver on their hiring plans. However, for some TA leaders and hiring managers embedded recruitment model is unclear and needs more guidance to figure out how it works.

We sat down with Emma Rozumenko, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Matchr, and asked her to explain from her perspective what it means to work on the Embedded Recruitment model.

Emma has been part of the Matchr team for about 3 years. She has worked with multiple clients in different positions and is now responsible for one of the oldest Matchr partners. Emma has shared her experience on how it is to work in an Embedded Recruitment model for a customer via Matchr.

(In the previous post, we explained existing recruitment models and compared them depending on the company’s goals.)

“Even though you’re fully embedded into your client you still have constant contact with your Matchr team.”

Emma Rozumenko, Talent Acquisition Specialist at Matchr

Tell us about your current role and what does it entail?

Currently, I am working as a Talent Acquisition Specialist. It’s a full-stack role, so I cover all the bases. This includes sourcing candidates, conducting pre-screening calls, managing the recruitment process, and, last but not least, managing daily communication with our clients. 

What about your current role is the most exciting for you?

Getting to be a part of the recruitment process from start to finish. It’s very exciting to see a candidate that you’ve found yourself move forward in the process and get over that finish line to become a hire. 

Tell us a little bit about how Matchr works with partners.

Matchr has several models we offer, so depending on what the client is looking for; we can work in different ways. In that sense, we are very flexible, and each sourcer and recruiter has their own way of working with their individual client. What remains the same regardless of the client is that we try and go a step beyond just consulting but also building a real partnership.

How was your experience as embedded recruiter?

We have been very fortunate to have had some very interesting companies approach us, so it’s always very exciting to get started working with a new partner.

Particularly working in an embedded model is very cool because you feel like you are part of the team and working together. After several months you begin to bond and see them as your colleagues.

After all, you are working together to achieve a common goal.

What steps do you take to ensure that Matchr does a great job of representing its partners and brand?

As an embedded recruiter, I am fully aware that I am a representative of our clients as much as I am of Matchr. In fact, once I onboard, I really see myself as being a part of their company. So, my first and most important step is to familiarize and align myself with their values.

The next step is, of course, to get to know their product or services and what they are all about. Once I’ve done a deep dive to understand all of this, I make sure that I can not only share this information with any potential candidates but also get them excited about it.

How do you communicate with partners? Do you feel you as a part of their team?

I have several weekly meetings with my clients where we catch up on a personal level and discuss business. I also try to share any progress or updates from my side on a daily basis via teams’ messenger, and we usually have some chats there as well. I definitely feel like I am a part of the team, especially after building such a great relationship with them.

What are 3 of the most important things to establish effective collaboration between an embedded recruiter and the partner? 

Trust, communication, and transparency. These are particularly important because we work remotely, and it’s much harder to build a relationship virtually than in person. Often times it’s easy to assume that the partner knows what you are doing and the work you’ve put in, but this isn’t always the case. For this reason, you need to be as transparent as possible, overcommunicate (particularly in the beginning), and work on building that relationship to gain trust.

Your number of hires is impressive. 18 hires in 2022… What is your secret? 

The secret has a solid partnership. Recruitment is 100% a team effort. No matter how much work, time, and effort you put in on your own, if you are not on the same page with your client it’s very hard to make those hires happen.

How was the engagement at Matchr whilst working fully embedded into the partner’s company?

We have plenty of weekly calls where you still get to spend time with other Matcherians, so even though you’re fully embedded into your client, you still have constant contact with your Matchr team.

In addition to having work calls where we share updates, we also have non-work-related calls where we catch up and do fun activities together. These are always great because they build a great team bond even though we work remotely.

How has working with partners helped you grow your career and experience?

With each new Matchr partner, I learn more about a new industry, and new market, and of course, with that comes new experiences as a recruiter. As a result of each client being unique, and you get a very well-rounded view of recruitment and the market in general, which helps you grow as a sourcer or recruiter.

Do you want to learn more about how Matchr can help you deliver on your hiring plans by providing embedded recruiters and sourcers? Contact us, and we’ll suggest the optimal solution depending on your hiring needs and budget.

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Inhouse Senior Recruitment Specialist at Matchr
Inhouse Senior Recruitment Specialist at Matchr
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