How we helped TikTok rapidly scale their sales and marketing teams across Europe

How we helped them increase the number of hires by 100% in 2 months
partnership renewal
Too efficient
for business to keep up

The challenge  

TikTok needed to scale its sales and marketing teams across Europe rapidly. Before partnering with MatcHR in 2020, TikTok’s internal teams were overstretched, and with the phenomenal growth in the number of users (500 million active users per day in just 3 years), TikTok had to capitalize on this growth across multiple countries in Europe quickly.  

The solution  

We joined with a team of 4 sourcers and 2 recruiters to help scale up the marketing and sales teams in the UK, Spain, and Italy. This meant, as well as reworking processes and hiring quickly to improve the candidate experience and help provide market data significantly.   

The result  

We hired 28 candidates in just 6 months. Due to our strong sourcing capabilities, we were able to build up a pipeline of candidates from companies like Spotify, Pinterest, and Google so rapidly that we were asked to slow down due to the limited number of interview slots on TikTok’s side.  

Due to our success and transparent way of working, it was a no-brainer for TikTok to ask us again the following year to support them with extra sourcing and recruitment capacity.  

After an internal referral from TikTok’s European team, we were asked to join TikTok’s EMEA team with a strong focus on Africa.   

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