25 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Recruiters & Sourcers


Sourcing candidates and outreach are painstaking and time-consuming. But if you leverage the right tools, things will go much better and faster.

We picked the best Chrome extensions to help simplify your sourcing and recruiting experience, save time, top up your worksheet list with the best-match candidates, and effectively reach them out.

Let’s get started!

The Variety of Chrome Extensions for Sourcers and Recruiters: Quick Overview

The variety of Chrome extensions for candidate sourcing and recruitment is significant. Some are standalone tools that work only as extensions and don’t have cloud-based versions. Others are inseparable parts of sourcing and recruitment platforms.

When it comes to functionality, we can split extensions into several groups:

  • Extensions for candidate search and outreach. In most cases, these are universal tools for lead generation that can be used in marketing, sales, and recruitment. They have a lot of features, from LinkedIn scraping to building follow-up sequences and tracking leads.
  • Extensions for data scraping. These extensions are developed primarily for extracting prospects’ data from different sources, from LinkedIn to other social platforms and websites.
  • Extensions for sourcing tech candidates. These extensions are created for sourcers who search for developers, engineers, etc.
  • Extensions for email and phone number extraction. Unlike data scrapers, you can only find candidates’ emails, phone numbers, and some other contact data with these extensions. They are simple but still handy for sourcers and recruiters.

Of course, sourcers and recruiters can use other extensions, such as time trackers, calendars, etc. But we picked only extensions that relate to the professional fields and didn’t include the general-task tools.

Now, let’s have a closer look at each extension.

Google Chrome Extensions for Candidate Search and Outreach

These are extensions used by recruiters, sourcers, marketers, sales specialists, and others. Their main purpose is to find prospects, help you reach out to them, and turn them into leads. 


This LinkedIn automation extension lets you find potential candidates and engage with them quickly.

The key features

  • Automated profile visiting and recording of the data.
  • Find email addresses for 2nd and 3rd-degree connections.
  • Send connection requests, follow-up messages, direct messages, and InMails.
  • Add up to 12 follow-up messages per campaign.
  • Create unlimited concurrent drip campaigns.
  • Funnel management options: leads qualification, lead reflowing, Funnel drill-down, funnel analytics.
  • Manual and automated profile tagging.
  • Searching profiles by tags.
  • Export data and running activities from CSV and Hubspot/Pipedrive/Zapier.

Install the Google Chrome extension and sign in to get started with Dux-Soup. Once done, navigate to your LinkedIn account, type the profession you’re interested in in the search box, run the extension, and choose the option you need.


The Starter Dux plan is free. You can view profiles and record data. This will be enough if you want to attract candidates and scrap profiles. If you’re going to engage them and get more data, you’ll need to opt-in for paid plans: Pro Dux ($11.25/month) and Turbo Dux ($41.25/month).

Both paid plans are suitable for sourcers. However, the second one allows you to create unlimited follow-up campaigns, manage funnels, and integrate with third parties.


FindThatLead provides a straightforward Chrome extension that helps you find emails of people you want to contact. However, the cloud version of FindThatLead is much more functional.

The key features

  • Finding an email of the person in connection with the specific website.
  • Finding emails of all the people related to the specific website.
  • Quick access to the data from the Recent Searches.

If you sign up for FindThatLead, you can find more features on the platform’s website. These features will be valuable for sourcers as well. Here they are:

  • Searching emails by name, domain, technology, and LinkedIn profile.
  • Verifying emails.
  • Sending emails immediately or by schedule.
  • Searching prospects by location, company size, company name, and other filters.

Here is how the prospects searching feature works:

How to get started

After installing the extension, go to the FindThatLead website and sign up. Open the extension, sign in, and type the name of the person you want to contact and the related website. Once done, you’ll get the result. If you enter only the domain name, you’ll receive emails from all the employees related to this website.


The basic plan is free. After signing up, you get 50 free credits (1 credit = 1 search). For professional sourcing, you will need to choose one paid plan. The pricing varies from $49 to $399/month, depending on the scope of your search.


This extension is part of the Jobin.cloud platform and is fully functional in its Free Forever plan. It allows you to import LinkedIn full profiles in several ways, tag and annotate them, put them into pipelines and start communications.

The key features

  • Auto import of full profiles when visiting
  • Give tags, write notes, and assign them to pipelines (manually or automatically).
  • Import in bulk full lists of LinkedIn search results
  • Import in bulk LinkedIn Group Members
  • Import in bulk LinkedIn Event Attendees if you are attending too.
  • Import of people interacting with a LinkedIn post (like or comment)
  • Send connection requests, follow-up messages, direct messages, and InMails.
  • Find email addresses and phones (regardless of your connection level)
  • Assign people to unlimited and fully customizable multichannel Drip Campaigns to connect, messaging sequentially on LinkedIn and email (they can use ChatGPT text generation).
  • Customizable Funnel management
  • Profile repository of full profiles with advanced filters and ranking
  • Data import/export in .csv 


Jobin.cloud starts with a Free-forever plan that includes all imports and several features (see all here). For more intensive use, there are a number of modular solutions and  Starter, Pro, and Ultimate plans that cost from €16.99 to €32.99.


Waalaxy is an extension designed to help individuals and businesses automate their lead acquisition strategies on LinkedIn and email, making it an effective channel for outreach and communication.

The key features

  • Multichannel Integration: Seamlessly combine LinkedIn and Emailing to connect with prospects.
  • Automated Sequences: Automatically send invitations and messages on LinkedIn.
  • User Profiles: Designed to cater to various users including Sales/Marketers, Founders, Recruiters, and Freelancers.
  • Prospect Tracking: Track results and monitor campaign effectiveness.
  • CRM Synchronization: Synchronize with your CRM for better lead management.
  • Email Finder: Quickly discover email addresses for efficient outreach.
  • Cloud-based: Access and manage your leads anytime, anywhere.
  • Live Chat Support: Connect with real human support 5 days a week.
  • Import Contacts: Easily import your LinkedIn and email contacts.
  • Customizable Messaging: Pre-filled message templates to save time and increase response rate.
  • Inbox Waalaxy Feature: Enhance your LinkedIn messaging with more features and filters.


The Free package offers basic LinkedIn features at €0/month with 80 invitations. The Advanced package, at €56/month, includes comprehensive LinkedIn tools with 800 invitations. The Business tier, at €80/month, combines LinkedIn and email features. An additional “Inbox Waalaxy” service is available for €20/month to boost LinkedIn messaging.


This sourcing extension automates connections and messages on LinkedIn. You can automate sending messages to people in your network (1st-degree connections), people from search results (1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree connections), and people from the uploaded CSV file.

The key features

  • Setting up and sending message sequences to your target audience.
  • Sending auto connection requests to 2nd and 3rd-degree connections.
  • Import your prospects from the LinkedIn search results or your CSV file.
  • Sending follow-up messages to those who haven’t replied.

How to get started

Once you install the extension, you need to sign up. After enabling the extension, press the Create a campaign button in the pop-up window. Name your campaign, personalize your message, and choose your targeted audience. Once done, you can create and start the campaign.


The Free plan allows you to make 25 connections and 15 follow-ups per week. For professional sourcers, it would be better to subscribe to one of the paid plans that cost from $19 to $89/month.


This tool automates all your actions within your LinkedIn account, such as profile views, sending invites, messages, etc. Also, it is a powerful tool for scraping data.

The key features

  • Scan and visit 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-grade profiles.
  • Send invitations, messages, and validating skills (endorsements).
  • Delete the unaccepted invitations.
  • Send messages directly to groups without being connected.
  • Send messages to 2nd and 3rd connections without being online.
  • The automated qualified lead generation and segmentation.

How to get started

Install the extension and create an account in Scrab.in. The extension lets you visit and scrape profiles, download the data, and group messages.

Go to the Dashboard that opens in the new tab for more options. You can track stats, send invites, follow-ups, and much more.


Within the Free plan, 500 daily scans and 100 profile visits are available. For paid plans, the pricing starts at $15/month. You can visit 250 profiles daily and perform 750 scans within this plan. Also, you can connect automatically and send messages to 1st and 2nd connections. For more opportunities, opt-in for the Ultimate license which costs $59/month.

More Chrome Extensions for Candidate Search and Outreach

If you want to try more extensions for searching and outreach candidates, you can test these:

  • Lead Connect – allows you to automate sourcing and outreach with multiple personalized follow-ups.
  • Octopus – automates LinkedIn lead generation, social selling, and LinkedIn connections. It works similarly to Linked Helper, Doux-Soup, and ProspectIn.

Recruiting & Sourcing Chrome Extensions for Candidate Data Scraping

These extensions help you find your prospects’ data, including names, emails, phone numbers, social profiles, etc.


Formerly known as Hiretual, this powerful tool is explicitly tailored for sourcers and recruiters. It helps to search for candidates across 45+ platforms, prioritize them, and engage them. However, hireEZ extension for Chrome allows you to get access only to search features. You need to go to the cloud-based platform to leverage the full functionality.

The key features of the extension

  • Contact search
  • Boolean Builder
  • Google search enhancement
  • Similar Candidates search
  • Gmail assistant

Within the hireEZ platform, you get more features, including:

  • Find email addresses and phone numbers on LinkedIn, Upwork, Indeed, and other sites.
  • Aggregate and cross-reference all of a candidate’s online profiles.
  • Get enhanced candidate results (photos, experiences, insights, and more).
  • Create sequences directly through Gmail and the extension.
  • View similar profiles that match your ideal candidate profile.
  • Share projects, tags, and notes with your team.
  • Export candidates to your hireEZ or ATS projects.

How to get started

The extension is available after signing up to hireEZ. You can search candidates from the search tab or build up Boolean strings and search candidates on LinkedIn, Google, Upwork, and other websites.


Boolean builder is available within the extension for free. Other features need credits. The pricing starts at $199/month.


This extension is handy if you use the Phantombuster software. The extension automatically retrieves the session cookies, so you don’t need to upload them manually.

How to get started

Install the extension, enable it, open the Phantombuster tool you want to use, and press the Connect button. The extension will automatically upload the cookies, and you can start working with the tool.


The software itself costs from $69 to $439/month. The 14-day free trial is available. It gives you 2 hours of execution time.


This extension helps you find B2B contact information (emails and phone numbers) on LinkedIn and any website.

The key features of the extension

  • Collect contact data from the profiles on LinkedIn and the search results pages.
  • Save prospects.
  • Find prospects on any website.

Within the Lusha cloud-based platform, you have more opportunities, including:

  • A precise search of candidates across the web using different filters (company name, industry, job title, seniority, etc.)
  • Export to CSV.
  • Access to API.
  • Manage prospect lists.


Lusha has a free plan, allowing you to download only 5 contacts. So it is not suitable for professional work. Paid plans start at $29/month.

More Google Chrome Extensions for Data Scraping

The extensions highlighted above are created specifically for sourcers and recruiters. However, universal HTML scrapers are also suitable for recruiters’ tasks.

Here they are:

  • Data Scraper – extracts data from any HTML page and imports it into XLS. With its help, you can scrap candidate profiles, rates, contacts, and other data.
  • NoCoding Data Scraper – a tool for automatic deep web scraping. Extracts any data, including dynamic content (JS + AJAX).
  • AnyPicker – one more universal web scraping extension you can use to find data about candidates.

Google Chrome Extensions for Sourcing Tech Candidates

These extensions are tailored specifically for recruiters and sourcers who search for tech candidates. 


OctoHR is a free extension that helps find tech talents on GitHub. It displays the candidate’s programming languages and simplifies their search on GitHub by location and language.

For tech talent sourcing, you can use these Chrome extensions as well:

  • TalentScan – provides access to candidates’ contact details on LinkedIn, GitHub, and StackOverflow.
  • CandyJar – helps to search for developers by source code assessment on GitHub. Also, with this platform, you can make reach every specialist.

Google Chrome Extensions for Recruiters & Sourcers for Email and Phone Numbers Extraction

These are relatively simple extensions created to handle narrow tasks such as extracting emails, phone numbers, and some other data.

Aeroleads Email Finder

This extension finds the email addresses, phone numbers, and company details from any website.

The key features

  • Finding email addresses, phone numbers, and companies’ details.
  • The email lists creation.
  • Finding contact data based on uploaded lists of prospects.
  • Automated bulk email sending.

How to get started

First, install the Chrome extension and sign up (only business emails are supported). Go to the LinkedIn search page, Sales Navigator page, or LinkedIn profile page. Search for people by entering your filter, add them to your prospects list, and start searching for emails or phone numbers.


Choose the most appropriate pricing plan depending on the number of email addresses you need to find. The pricing varies from $49 to $499/month. A Free plan with 50 credits is available.


Improver has only one option – it extracts emails from the profiles on LinkedIn.

How to get started

The extension is straightforward. You just install it, sign up, open the candidate’s profile on LinkedIn, and click Reveal Contact Information.


After registration, you get three free credits (1 credit = 1 successful search). To search for more contacts, you need to upgrade (from $15 to $80/month).

More Chrome Extensions for Sourcers and Recruiters to Find Emails and Phone Numbers

If you want to find emails and other contact data, you can leverage these extensions as well:

  • ContactOut – extracts from LinkedIn phone numbers, email addresses, and links to social media profiles.
  • Swordfish – finds direct cell phone numbers and email addresses on LinkedIn and around the web.
  • Find That Email – helps you find business data and emails.
  • Hunter – finds email addresses from any website.
  • Rocket Reach – extracts emails from LinkedIn, AngelList, Crunchbase, Google, and other web pages.
  • Email Finder by VoilaNorbert – helps find corporate email addresses and manage your contacts’ data.

Recruiting & Sourcing Chrome Extensions That Have Been Retired

When we prepared this post, we looked through existing compilations of the Chrome extensions for sourcers and found that vast of them include extensions that don’t work anymore.

Here are they:

  • MightySourcer
  • Prophet
  • Statusbrew
  • SourceHub

To Wrap Up: Choose the Right Extension for Your Tasks

Your final choice (or choices) will depend on what tasks you want to automate. In most cases, you will need a set of extensions.

For example, you can use a lead generation extension to find and reach out to your candidates on LinkedIn. You can extract candidates’ data from Upwork, Fiverr, and other sites with web scrapers. To contact your candidates, you’ll need to find and verify their emails.

Before choosing the specific extension, try a free version – most of them provide basic functionality for testing. Regarding pricing, consider how many checks you can run within the specific plan, the available features, limitations, etc.

We hope our selection of extensions for sourcing and recruitment will help you choose the best ones for your tasks!

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