10 Examples of Exceptional Career Pages [And Why They Are Great]


Career pages are more than job listing pages. They serve as gateways to showcase a company’s culture and work environment. 

Through employee testimonials, photos, and videos, job seekers can gain insights into the workplace atmosphere and assess if it’s a good fit for them.

Now, we’re sparing you the trouble of researching tens of career pages to plan for yours.

We’ve made a shortlist of amazing career pages from brands such as Booking.com, Netflix, Ikea, and more. We’ll dissect them and prepare a list of things you could replicate.

But first, let’s understand what value the career pages create.

The Benefits of Having the Right Career Page

Proper career pages are crucial for building a strong employer brand for several reasons:

  • First impressions matter. We tend to form quick judgments based on limited information. First impressions trigger psychological processes that affect how we perceive and remember information. Positive first impressions can create a favorable bias, while negative impressions may lead to skepticism or reluctance. Studies suggest that first impressions are remarkably resilient and can be challenging to change. This holds true for career pages, interviews, first business encounters, and so on.
  • Brand representation. Career pages extend the overall brand identity, showcasing your culture, values, and mission to attract like-minded individuals.
  • Trust building. Proper career pages are a key element in recruitment marketing, allowing companies to market themselves as attractive and trustworthy employers.
  • Informed decision-making. Career pages should offer information about the open positions, as well as information on the company’s environment, team dynamics, and employee experiences.

We are always advised not to make judgments too quickly. But the truth is we’re doing this unconsciously. Our brains are wired to look for patterns and make decisions fast. 

We know that our brains constantly use around 20% of our metabolic energy (resting included). This is why our brains love shortcuts because shortcuts mean saving energy. And this can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

For example, when you’re driving and you see a deer in the middle of the road, you need to decide in milliseconds. You can’t afford to go with plan A, or plan B.

But let’s assume you go to an interview, and you are late because of unexpected traffic. A recruiter might judge you for being unreliable… a bad first impression. That first impression is difficult to change.  The brain made its shortcut. 

So, a proper career page needs to make a really good impression.

10 Career Pages for Your Inspiration

1. Booking’s Career Page is… a Website

A subdomain, to be more precise. Subdomains have their own separate identity. Simply put, it’s a website within a website: careers.booking.com.

And it makes sense. The bigger you are, the bigger your teams and hiring needs.

Now, the menu of this website focuses on teams, locations, life inside Booking, Booking’s impact, benefits, how to start a journey with Booking, and a call to action (CTA) pointing out the open positions.

Now, let’s take a look at the most important sections inside careers.booking.com.

  • The home’s hero section has a search bar making it easy for visitors to look for an open position. This is a good practice when there are multiple job openings across many departments and locations.
  • Employees’ stories. Testimonials from employees are more valuable than just listing a bunch of values and perks. Real stories are more relatable and add authenticity to the brand’s voice.
  • Benefits section, with an emphasis on hybrid work. More details are available for people who want to dig some more: how virtual interviews and onboarding happen, how relocation works, and even a hybrid work FAQ.
  • Social proof – media mentions that praise Booking as the “happiest place to work.”
  • Blog articles that reinforce the values inside Booking. They tackle subjects such as diversity, technology, well-being, women in tech, etc.
  • Team presentations and job openings. It’s a must-have on each career page.

2. Miro’s Vibrant Career Page

Miro is a very popular digital collaboration platform used by teams (50M+ users) to communicate and do project management.

While Booking.com depicts its career opportunities as “journeys”, Miro on its career page also correlates its available jobs to its product. Miro is a tool where possibilities are explored, so, the Miro employees have the chance to  “find a space to take your career beyond where you thought possible.” 

Now, let’s dig up some more details:

  • The people belonging to Miro’s tribe are called Mironeers. An identity is crafted very early on the career page. Good copy and good design end up enforcing the idea of a strong employer brand.
  • Right from the hero section, a feeling of belonging is created, of belonging to a team that builds a new world. 

Even the main headline makes you dream of amazing opportunities. It manages to grab attention.

  • The powerful video emphasizes the fact that Miro teams are pushing boundaries and possibilities, while “traveling at the speed of innovation”. The video is so dynamic and empowering that it makes you have a FOMO feeling (fear of missing out).
  • The “Open positions” call to action button is a sticky one, so it is hard to miss even when scrolling.
  • Section with the 4 main benefits of joining Miro.
  • Values section and Team presentations with open positions.
  • Section with open positions across various locations (called hubs).
  • FAQ section.
  • Final CTA section with a search bar where visitors can look for a position while narrowing down departments and locations.

3. BBC’s Well-Designed Jobs Page

When BBC job candidates will enter their career page, here’s what they’ll encounter:

  • A career website with a dark background and catchy pictures and visuals. Dark backgrounds might suggest strength, elegance, and prestige. They are using real employee pictures, not stock photos.
  • The main headline in the hero says “This is Your BBC”. This is a bold statement that wants candidates to imagine how it would be to belong to the BBC team.
  • There’s a search bar below the hero section that allows candidates to look for a job by keyword and/or location.
  • Social proof: awards section as well as a section with the most popular BBC shows.
  • Employee testimonials section.
  • Values section. 
  • The BCC careers website has pages that allow candidates to dig into the hiring process, the BBC departments, internship opportunities, benefits, and more.

4. Remote’s Career Page Has Transparency All Over It

Here are the most important elements on Remote’s career page:

  • Hero section pointing out to Remote’s open positions.
  • Powerful video showing Remote employees from different corners of the world, speaking about how empowered they feel by working remotely inside Remote.
  • The copy on the career page emphasizes this unique selling point: the ability to work from anywhere. Marketers always need to figure out the unique selling point of a business to attract customers. Remote understands that it also has a unique selling point when it comes to marketing itself in relation to future employees. 
  • In a section further down the page, this idea of working from anywhere is reinforced by data: 75 nationalities, 50 languages spoken, 6 continents. This is social proof and it is powerful.
  • Company values. We like to connect and work with people with whom we share the same values. This is our “tribe” mindset. The values should not be just written, but embraced by employees as well. The idea is that a company should be true to its principles, otherwise, this can backfire. 
  • Remote’s handbook. In its handbook, Remote is very open about how work and communication happen inside the company. There’s no question left unanswered: how Remote handles diversity, how are career paths designed, how recruitment interviews work, and so on. Thumbs up, Remote! 
  • A section about compensation that is very transparent. There are a lot of details provided, related to benefits, stock options, taxes, and more.
  • Company perks section. This caught our attention: “Unlimited personal time off”.
  • A section with links to blog articles speaking of remote work and remote teams, to reinforce Remote’s unique selling point.
  • A list of Remote departments, with clear descriptions of activities performed. 
  • Final call to action section (CTA) where people are encouraged to take action: check the interview guide, write to the hiring team,  or view the job openings.

To sum it up, Remote’s career page sends out the message that they are a team fueled by common values that champion diversity, transparency, and working from anywhere. 

5. The Netflix Jobs Page

By now, I guess you’ve already noticed a pattern. Companies speak of their values, benefits, the hiring processes on their career pages. They might list departments, locations, and jobs. 

The same goes for Netflix’s career page. But then it spices things up a little bit by launching the “We are Netflix” podcast, as well as a blog, where its employees are talking about work and life.

Also, Netflix has a series of employee videos that help candidates to get a glimpse on Netflix culture, inclusion, diversity, and more. And considering Netflix is a streaming platform, it feels natural to have videos and a very own podcast to show off their culture, right?

6. Spotify’s Jobs Website

Lifeatspotify.com is Spotify’s vibrant career website.

Here’s what you can find inside:

  • Chat options to dig more into Spotify’s culture.
  • Strong copy that makes you wanna become part of the “band”. Like in the case of Miro and Booking, copy relates to the product itself: “playing in sync”, “the beat goes on”, “this is your soundcheck”, “make some noise”, “the Spotify rhythm”, “this is how we rock”, etc.
  • Search bar that allows candidates to browse for open positions.
  • Clear hiring process.
  • In the Who We Are section we get directed toward the Spotify Manifesto, where the mission and values of Spotify are described using powerful visuals and copy.
  • You’ve heard it before “Eat your own dog food.” And Spotify does not disappoint. It started its “Life at Spotify: The Podcast”.

7. Designing a Future at Canva

Canva is one of the most popular graphic tools out there, so, all over their career page you see copy that relates to design: “Design your future”, “Be inspired”, “Design your dream career”, etc. 

What else can we find on their career page?

Let’s see:

  • A comprehensive mega menu. The homepage sections have a “Learn more” call to action that directs candidates to pages that offer more information. These pages can be accessed from this menu as well.
  • “Canvanauts” – this is how Canva refers to its employees. They are all part of a tribe. We are all looking for a sense of belonging, and Canva is tapping into this ancient need of ours. This idea is supported by images and videos of employees who are smiling and feeling good around each other.
  • Inside Canva people can join various communities, depending on identities and values (women, people with disabilities, etc). This is how Canva supports diversity inside the company.
  • Canva’s mission and values.
  • Beautifully designed teams section, with the possibility to navigate to a team’s dedicated page.
  • Career paths – divided into launchpad (12-month professional development program) and internships (12-week summer program for penultimate year tertiary students).
  • Information about the hiring process as well as some resources that candidates can use during application (Canva resume template, etc).
  • And, of course, Jobs search and job listing.

8. Keeping Commerce Human with Etsy

As a global marketplace for unique and creative goods, Etsy connects creative entrepreneurs worldwide with buyers seeking something special. The company operates under a hybrid work model, emphasizing flexibility, autonomy, and a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Etsy’s impact extends beyond commerce, focusing on economic, social, and environmental initiatives.

All of the ideas above are transparent on the Etsy career page, supported by beautiful illustrations and authentic photos. On LinkedIn, under the #LifeAtEtsy hashtag, potential candidates can see content from Etsy employees that depicts the atmosphere in Etsy workplaces around the world.

What else can you find on the Etsy Career pages:

  • A list of Etsy’s guiding principles that align individuals, teams, and the entire organization toward their shared mission. It’s about the Etsy commitment to craftsmanship, embracing differences, staying curious, minimizing waste, as well as leading with optimism.

When they speak of differences and diversity, they have numbers to support their claims.

  • Social proof section showing that Etsy was nominated as “2022 Places to Work”, one of America’s most just companies, and more.
  • Each department has a separate page with a description of activities, job opportunities, video testimonials from relevant employees, and an application form.
  • For those interested in digging more into the benefits topic, Etsy has separate files for benefits in the US, Mexico, and Ireland. 
  • Candidate settings section where candidates can make a list of favorite jobs as well as set up job alerts.

9. Finding a Home at Cisco

Cisco was nominated as one of the best workplaces in 2023.

So, let’s see how its job opportunities are presented on their career page:

  • Strong hero section with a testimonial from an employee on how Cisco empowered him “to be part of something bigger than himself”.
  • Detailed perks and benefits page.
  • FAQ section for those candidates that need more information.
  • Integration with Glassdoor reviews. Such reviews are really powerful because anonymity often encourages individuals to be more candid and honest in their reviews, providing valuable insights into the company culture, work environment, and management practices.
  • Job areas and jobs sections.
  • Section with employee-generated content:
    • Twitter and Instagram posts under the umbrella of “We are Cisco”, where candidates can get a glimpse at the Cisco team culture.  
    • Blog articles with employee stories.

10. Ikea’s Career Page Does Not Disappoint

IKEA’s employer brand is often associated with its purpose-driven approach. The company emphasizes its commitment to creating a better everyday life for many people, both for customers and employees.

This is visible straight from the hero section of the career page. The message is “Make millions of people look forward to going home.” It’s easy to feel connected to such a mission, right? The video showing a happy family in a cozy home enforces the idea beautifully.

The Ikea career page is simple, like its products. 

There’s a search bar allowing candidates to look for open positions. They can save jobs easily and revisit them by using the “Saved jobs” option in the page’s menu.

Next, there’s a section with various departments, where people can choose to find out more details about the structure and the available jobs.

The final section guides candidates to get a glimpse at Ikea’s culture and values.

Wrapping up: The Checklist of Information You Can Add to Your Career Page

To sum it up, here’s a checklist of information you can include on a career page to better  support your employer brand:

  • Clearly articulate the company’s mission and values, as well as benefits.
  • Provide a comprehensive listing of available job opportunities.
  • Illuminate potential career paths within the organization.
  • Outline details about the hiring steps and process, while making it easy for the candidates to apply for their desired position.
  • Utilize authentic visuals and compelling copy to convey the company culture.
  • Feature genuine employee testimonials for a firsthand perspective.
  • If applicable, include a job search bar to streamline the process for candidates navigating multiple locations, teams, and job openings.
  • FAQ section to clarify additional aspects (next steps, etc.).
  • Make sure it is clear which workplace strategy you’ve adopted: is it office-first, remote-first, hybrid, or flexible? These things matter now more than ever.
  • When possible, show off your employee-generated content: you can build Instagram or Twitter communities, as well as use your blog to communicate about your team culture. Make sure you integrate such posts and stories into the career page.
  • If possible, back up claims with proof and data.

Overall, make everything transparent so that you feel authentic and trustworthy. Make sure that your team culture is clear because you want to attract candidates who are a good fit.

And three final tips:

  1. An SEO-optimized career page improves the company’s visibility on search engines. This is important as job seekers often use search engines to find potential employers. They might type in queries such as “Ciso careers”, “Ikea open positions”, and “Etsy jobs”. So, you should not neglect this when building the career page because it has the potential to attract more qualified candidates.
  2. Make sure the career page is optimized for mobile. 
  3. Make sure the career page is visible and easily discoverable on the website. You can link it in the main menu, in the submenu of “About us” or other similar pages, as well as in the footer.

In summary, a well-designed career page serves as a dynamic tool for enhancing the employer brand by effectively communicating the company’s values, culture, growth opportunities, and overall commitment to providing a positive and engaging workplace.

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Marketing Manager at Tidaro
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