Search Strategy: Beyond the Buzzwords


The Power of Sourcing 2023 is a webinar series for sourcers and recruiters. During 10 weeks, sourcing thought leaders from across the globe would share their knowledge, experience, and insights.

6th Week: Mike “Batman” Cohen

Guest speaker

Mike “Batman” Cohen, Founder of Wayne Technologies.

Ready Leader One:


  • Batman: Max Level
  • Data Aggregation: Level 99
  • The Psychology of Communication: Level 92
  • Leadership Ingenuity: Level 85
  • The Colour Purple: Level 79
  • Humour & Entertainment: Invulnerability Achieved


  • Drawing: Level 13
  • Bees: Level 2
  • Bad Data: Level -37


  • LinkedIn: Final Boss Defeated
  • Disingenuous / Inauthentic Communication: Mini-boss Side-quests Activated
  • Exclusion & Judgment: Kryptonite


Step 1:  Get JD.  

Step 2:  Intake Call.  

Step 3:  Plug buzzwords into sourcing platform.  

Step 4:  Look at every profile and decide who to message.  

Step 5:  Reach out and mention how they have a great profile and you saw your buzzwords on it, so you know they’re a fit for the job.  

Step 6:  Zofran for the nausea, cat videos for the boredom, and therapy to discuss why you keep doing this job the same boring way every time.  

Step 7:  This Matchr webinar!

Let’s talk about search strategy.  Here’s what we’ll talk about:

  • Start Narrow, then expand (and why this is the right way to source*)
  • How to go beyond the buzzwords
  • Some light web scraping & Boolean building
  • Reduce your Zofran intake, time on TikTok, and spend on therapy**

*    yes, you can build a talent map by starting with a wider net, and I’m happy to have an open discussion about why I think this is the wrong way to do this

**  still important – all recruiters need a good therapist IMO.

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Founder of Wayne Technologies
Founder of Wayne Technologies

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