How to Attract Candidates with Spotify


A talent acquisition expert can use any new trending platform or network to find or attract candidates. Spotify, a music giant, provides an opportunity to create personal playlists for candidates to make them an offer or tell them about the open roles. 

From this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Use Spotify to attract candidates
  • Onboard and greet new employees using Spotify
  • Improve your employer brand using Spotify.

How to Use Spotify to Attract Candidates

Create an account on Spotify if you still don’t have any. Create a playlist for your candidate. you can title it as “Join Amazon Team” or “Your Offer to Amazon” or “Amazon. We Are Looking for a Java Developer in Denver”.

Look for songs with a title as particular words in your message that you want to send to the candidate. In our example, it looks like this:

Copy-paste the link to the playlist to your email/message to the candidate. I recommend using this approach when you send 3rd or 4th follow-up. It is not the best strategy for an initial outreach but excellent for breaking the ice in your follow-ups.

Based on our experience, this approach improves the response rate by 15%. People love when recruiters treat them as humans, not just robot workers. A surprise makes people feel positive. Look at these feedback messages from candidates: 

How to use Spotify to onboard new employees 

MatcHR also uses playlists to welcome new employees. Instead of boring HR desks with the list of employees, we ask everyone from the team to contribute a favorite song to the company “welcome” playlist. Smart, isn’t it!? You can be even more creative and send such encoded playlists with the names of customers or stakeholders!

Tip: When you create a specified playlist, look for the relevant song names, not artists.

How to Use Spotify to Improve Your Employer Brand 

If you want to make your employer’s brand more personal and attractive to potential candidates, work on the message you use as an automatic reply to the inbound applications.

Here is an example:

Thank you for your interest in our Sr. Recruiter role in MatcHR! We will look at your CV and get back to you within 7 working days.

Meanwhile, enjoy a playlist that we have created for you:

Final Thoughts

Stay creative and treat candidates as your friends! There are millions of ways to stand out from competitors and make candidates’ experiences special. At MatcHR, we connect the best talents with top technological companies around the globe! What to join us? You are welcome!

Article by:
CEO and Co-founder of Matchr
CEO and Co-founder of Matchr
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