Netherlands Tech: Engineering Salary Benchmarking Report 2023


Navigating the tech industry can be intricate and demanding. Whether you’re a startup building your team or an established company refining your compensation strategies, staying informed and updated is imperative.

We are proud to introduce our comprehensive report on the Dutch Tech Industry – created in collaboration with our partner, Ravio, Europe’s first real-time compensation benchmarking platform designed explicitly for the tech sector. Together, we provide you with an ultimate guide to understanding this vibrant ecosystem, concentrating specifically on engineering roles.

This report, filled with meticulously researched data and critical insights, explores:

  • Key Trends & Insights. A snapshot of the Dutch Engineering market and the role of the salary insights.
  • Salary Benchmarks: Dive deep into the compensation of various engineering roles in the Netherlands, such as Software Engineers, DevOps, Engineering Management, and QA Engineers. We spotlight these roles, breaking down the salaries across different job levels: Entry, Developing, Established, Advanced, and Specialist. This ensures a comprehensive grasp of the compensation dynamics in the tech scene.
  • Diversity Analysis: Uncover vital insights about pay gaps and disparities in terms of gender and age within the Dutch tech industry, offering a detailed, localized view.

Our commitment, together with Ravio, is to equip you with data-driven insights, ensuring you can attract and retain top talent and remain competitive in the evolving tech world.

Stay at the forefront of the dynamic tech industry with our insightful report. Click below to download and unlock invaluable insights into the Dutch tech landscape.

Download the Netherlands Engineering Salary Benchmarking Report 2023

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