How we supported the Mambu product team scale across Europe

How we helped them increase the number of hires by 100% in 2 months
hires in 6 months
stakeholder management
filled in record time

The challenge  

Mambu needed to scale their product team across Europe rapidly. Mambu’s recruitment was overstretched and reliant on agency support for a number of the key hires in a product.  

The solution  

We joined Mambu’s team to support the product team hiring in Romania, Amsterdam, and Lithuania. Initially, there was a backlog of inbound applicants of over 400 candidates that hadn’t been followed up; each hiring manager worked according to a different process, and salaries weren’t aligned across the different locations.   

We worked overtime to quickly reach out to all inbound applicants while building strong relationships with the different hiring managers across Romania, Amsterdam, and Lithuania. Together with the internal team of Mambu, we streamlined the hiring process and improved the candidate experience.  

The Result  

Over 6 months, we were able to hire 12 Sr. Product managers and owners. Our biggest achievement was the strong working relationship we built with the hiring managers, specifically asking to work with our talent partner.  

Due to our results, we were asked to run the engineering intern program in Romania. We temporarily joined the Romanian team with one Jr. Sourcer and recruiter to fill the intern program. In just 2 months, we reviewed 841 resumes, interviewed 71 candidates, and hired 24 interns. We closed the internship 10 days before the final deadline and hired 3 integration engineers for full-time employment instead of the internship. A result that hadn’t been achieved in any of the previous years.  

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