20 DE&I Recruitment Tools for Inclusive Hiring [The Ultimate List]


Did you know that diverse companies are 35% more likely to outperform their less diverse peers? Despite this, many organizations still struggle to build diverse and inclusive teams. Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture requires a concerted effort that extends beyond just posting job ads. To help organizations recruit more diverse talent and foster an inclusive environment, a growing number of tools have emerged specifically designed for DE&I recruitment.

In this article, we’ll explore 20 DE&I recruitment tools that can help organizations improve their DE&I recruitment strategies and build more diverse and inclusive teams.

What Are DE&I Tools?

DE&I recruitment tools are specialized software and platforms designed to help organizations create more diverse and inclusive workforces. These tools can be used to source, screen, and hire candidates from underrepresented groups, remove bias from the recruitment process, and foster a more inclusive workplace culture.

We identified several groups of DE&I recruitment tools, each designed to help organizations tackle a specific aspect of DE&I recruitment:

  • DE&I sourcing tools: These tools can help organizations connect with a more diverse pool of candidates by providing job postings and networking opportunities specifically geared towards underrepresented groups. LinkedIn Talent Insights, Manatal, DiversityJobs, Hirepurpose, and Teamable, are all great tools for sourcing diverse candidates.
  • DE&I screening tools: These tools can help organizations remove unconscious bias from the recruitment process by anonymizing candidate information, analyzing language for bias, and evaluating candidates based on skills and abilities. Entelo, Textio, TalVista, Vervoe, and Pymetrics are all tools that can help remove bias from the screening process.
  • DE&I interviewing tools: These tools can help organizations create a more inclusive interview experience by anonymizing the process, providing a communication platform for employee resource groups, and evaluating candidates based on skills and abilities. HireVue and Interviewing.io are all tools that can help create a more inclusive interview experience.
  • DE&I Communities: These communities help foster a more inclusive environment by providing mentorship programs, job boards focused on women and underrepresented groups, and resources for creating inclusive workplaces. Fairygodboss, Project Include, DiversityInc, and Kanarys are all great communities for promoting diversity and inclusion.

In the following sections, we’ll dive into each group of DE&I recruitment tools and cover each tool in detail. Whether you’re looking to source a more diverse pool of candidates, remove bias from the recruitment process, or foster a more inclusive workplace culture, these tools can help you build a more diverse and inclusive team.

DE&I Sourcing Tools

Sourcing diverse candidates is a crucial first step in DE&I recruitment. These tools can help organizations connect with a more diverse pool of candidates by providing job postings and networking opportunities specifically geared toward underrepresented groups. LinkedIn Talent Insights, DiversityJobs, Hirepurpose, Teamable, Workforce Opportunity Services, Jopwell, and PowerToFly are all great tools for sourcing diverse candidates.

LinkedIn Talent Insights

LinkedIn Talent Insights is a talent intelligence platform that empowers talent acquisition professionals, analysts, and company leaders, to make confident business decisions based on data-driven insights. It allows them to recruit and manage talent more strategically.

Key Features

  • Create Talent Pool Reports to understand the demographics of a talent pool and how it’s changing over time.
  • Create Company Reports to understand the types of talent within a company and how the company’s workforce is changing over time.
  • Build a workforce strategy to acquire and redeploy talent, address current and future skills gaps, and inform retention and headcount planning.
  • Talent pipelining to build the best pipeline for future talent
  • Employer branding insights to help optimize and enhance your company’s branding strategies.
  • Build diversity insights to discover untapped locations, industries, and titles with greater gender diversity.

Pricing: The pricing for LinkedIn Talent Insights depends on the company size and flexibility you need; it’s available upon request. No free trial is available.


Manatal is an AI recruitment software designed to help companies source and hire a more diverse workforce faster. The software provides access to a global database of candidates and uses data-driven analysis to identify potential hires from underrepresented groups. 

Key Features

  • A global database of candidates from underrepresented groups such as women, people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people with disabilities. 
  • Resources and guidance on creating an inclusive hiring process.
  • Automatically screens and filters candidates based on specific criteria.
  • An automatic profile extraction feature that allows users to import candidates directly from LinkedIn.
  • A career page hosting service that allows users to share vacancies directly on social media.
  • An ATS that provides in-depth analysis and detailed performance reports.
  • A branded career portal for employers to perfectly capture and reflect your employer’s brand to maximize incoming applications.

Pricing: Starts at $15/user/month.


DiversityJobs is powered by Circa and offers industry-leading SaaS-based talent acquisition and diversity recruiting solutions for companies in the US. Its diversity product delivers fast results for demonstrated efficacy and automation to help you build diverse teams that transform your workplace.

Key Features

  • A job board where employers can post jobs
  • A Diversity Outreach subscription to track outreach to community-based organizations that support women, people of color, veterans, and more. And you’re able to report on all efforts to assess results, relationships, and good faith efforts.
  • A rich database of diverse talents
  • Access to colleges and university partners who have shown a commitment to the advancement of students from underrepresented groups

Pricing: Plans start at $295 per month for single job postings and jump to $840 for single posting packs. They also offer a customized recruiting subscription model which gives you access to all the features and solutions they have. This model is available upon request.


Built by veterans, for veterans, Hirepurpose works tirelessly every day to help clients find America’s top talent.


  • A rich database of diverse veteran talents
  • A job board where employers can post jobs

Pricing: Available upon request.


Teamable combines the data-based certainty, scalability, and seamless processes of a tech solution with the human touch and expertise of the best recruiting firms.


  • Sourcing: allows you to source from anywhere with their Chrome extension, or leverage their AI + Human sourcing technology.
  • Experts: helps you scale with extra hands-on reporting, sourcing, and screening candidates.
  • CRM: tracks all candidate experience and touchpoints over time while collaborating with the entire team to make for a great experience.
  • Analytics: helps to understand where to look, what to say, and how you’re doing with Teamable Intelligence.
  • Conversations: A modern conversational experience that enables candidates and recruiters to text and share videos in real-time, go beyond email, and build better relationships, faster.
  • Referrals: this helps to harness the power of your team’s collective network to scale, manage, and track your employee referral program as a natural extension of your recruiting process.
  • Scheduling: uses AI technology to make scheduling human, inviting, and painless.
  • Diversity: an AI model that outperforms humans in delivering diverse qualified candidates to make sensible calls about candidate diversity based on a variety of features, including name and photo.
  • Inbound: seamlessly integrates inbound candidates into your sourcing process. Teamable will watch for new applicants and elevate the best matches for the role.

Pricing: Teamable has two main plans; a Platform plan and a Recruiter Plan. The Platform Plan has a free (lite) plan, an essential plan of $249 per user per month, and a premium plan of $4.99 per employee per month. The Recruiter Plan has a Sourcer Lite plan of $3,000 per month for 3 roles for individuals and teams who know who they are looking for, but need help sourcing at scale, a Sourcer plan of $4,000 per month for 3 months for teams who want to focus on interviewing, but need help with everything sourcing, as well as a Recruiter plan of $8,000 per month for 3 roles for teams and organizations who want to partner with a recruiter every step of the way.

DE&I Screening Tools

Screening for diversity is another critical aspect of DE&I recruitment. These tools can help organizations remove unconscious bias from the recruitment process by anonymizing candidate information, analyzing language for bias, and evaluating candidates based on skills and abilities. Entelo, Textio, Blendoor, Interviewing.io, TalVista, Vervoe, and Pymetrics are all tools that can help remove bias from the screening process.


Entelo provides true source-to-hire automation technology alongside best-in-class managed services for a platform that actually focuses on results, not just AI.


  • Source top candidates from under-represented groups based on gender, race, ethnicity, and veteran status, and recruit a strong, diverse, and innovative team.
  • Use multi-touch campaigns to engage with candidates on the mediums they use most often.
  • Deliver engaging, personalized emails and texts to candidates. Integrated with your ATS, a message can be launched at every step in the Candidate Journey, saving recruiters precious time while delighting applicants with status updates and feedback.
  • The built-in analytics, reports, and dashboards.

Pricing: Available upon request.


Textio is the world’s most advanced workplace language guidance, so you can see where social bias is hiding—and know exactly how to fix it.


  • Textio for recruiting allows you to quickly optimize job posts, email, social posts, and more with data-driven inclusion guidance in order to expand your candidate pool and establish a consistent candidate experience.
  • Textio for performance management empowers managers with real-time writing guidance for fair, effective performance management. It allows you to see who in your organization is getting strong feedback and raises the quality bar for all employees.

Pricing: Available on request.


TalVista’s conscious inclusion decision support platform helps you become aware of bias with data-driven hiring and view beyond the noise of unconscious bias. They are concerned with breaking the status quo in the hiring process with technology to hire from a pool of qualified and diverse candidates with greater equity and objectivity.


  • The job description optimizer feature analyzes job descriptions and identifies problematic words shown in research to detract underrepresented applicants from applying, thus helping you to create job listings that equally attract male, female, and other underrepresented candidates.
  • Redacted resume screening: digitizes the process of reviewing candidate resumes in any document format to recognize and redact personally identifiable information. Hiring managers can review based on skills and experience rather than fixate on a detail that may denote a gender, age, race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.
  • Structured interviews: makes it easy for teams of interviewers to conduct effective, objective, and professional interviews with little prep time while being mindful and present. You can assign specific questions to interviewers according to their expertise and interviewers can ask questions that focus on core job needs and criteria.

Pricing: Available on request.


Vervoe predicts job performance using work simulations and skill assessments that showcase the talent of every candidate.


  • Assessment Creation: Vervoe lets you create a completely unique assessment that’s tailored specifically to suit the requirements of the role you’re hiring for. It is also embedded with a feature that eliminates cheating without introducing bias.
  • Workflow Integration: This feature helps to keep every candidate updated on their application and welcomes candidates to your organization with a fully branded assessment. It improves your entire hiring process with seamless integrations and creates a leading candidate experience that engages and delights your applicants.
  • Artificial intelligence: Vervoe’s AI is powered by a set of machine learning algorithms that review and analyze human behavior. Vervoe gives you tools to help you train the AI to value what you value through grading and tracks each individual’s interaction with an assessment along with the content of their responses to provide you with an accurate grade for their assessment.
  • Grading and Results: Vervoe gives you tools to dig deeper into candidate results, see complete score breakdowns per skill and easily identify those hidden gems. Clever team tools make it easy for you to share, compare and collaborate with hiring managers to make finding the right candidate simple.
  • On-demand Reporting: Vervoe insights put you in total control of your hiring with on-demand reporting that lets you see how your assessment is performing. Dive into completions, score distributions, and question-by-question insights to check the health of your assessment with powerful user-friendly charts.
  • Hire: This feature easily keeps track of great hires made through Vervoe. The data also feeds back into your AI model to optimize results for the next round of hires you do.

Pricing: Vervoe offers a free trial for organizations that will prefer to see it in action first. The cheapest plan called Pay & Go comes at $228/year and is the ideal solution to make an immediate hire based on skills. Other plans, Skills-based Hiring, and Skills Validation via API, offer custom annual and usage-based pricing.


Pymetrics is a soft skills platform redefining hiring and talent management–using data-driven behavioral insights and audited AI to create a more efficient, effective, and fair hiring process across the talent lifecycle.


  • Core exercises that capture cognitive, emotional, and social traits
  • Provides job seekers with a holistic way to find internal job opportunities, prioritizing roles based on soft skills as well as hard skills matches.
  • Personalized course recommendations to close any skills gaps and unlock career pathways for existing employees.
  • Removes bias from talent decisions to diversify the workforce.
  • Soft skills API to prioritize best-fit roles and increase chances of matching to new roles.
  • Development reports for data-driven L&D strategies.

Pricing: Available on request.

DE&I Interviewing Tools

Interviews are an essential part of the DE&I recruitment process. These tools can help organizations create a more inclusive interview experience by anonymizing the process, providing a communication platform for employee resource groups, and evaluating candidates based on skills and abilities. HireVue, Interviewing.io, and Slack are all tools that can help create a more inclusive interview experience.


HireVue is a talent experience platform designed to automate workflows and make scaling hiring easy. It improves how you engage, screen, and hire talent with text recruiting, assessments, and video interviewing software.


  • A conversational AI that boosts response time, unlocks recruiter productivity, and connects with candidates 24/7/365.
  • Personalized SMS campaigns without using your personal device to source from your existing talent pool and hear from candidates in minutes.
  • AI recruiting software that allows you to hire up to 4x faster by engaging your candidates all the way from “Hi” to “Hired.”
  • A structured interview automation tool, HireVue Builder, serves up job-related competencies, structured interview questions, templates, and evaluation guides for any job role at any level to allow hiring teams to build great interviews, fast.
  • Live and OnDemand video interviewing software to minimize bias by validating the right skills.

Pricing: Available on request.


Interviewing.io helps track how candidates do in live, rigorous technical interviews and interview them anonymously on the platform. It allows employers to do whatever they’d normally do in technical phone screens, except do it anonymously to avoid bias.


  • A pool of excellent candidates based on past performance in rigorous, live technical interviews.
  • A much better predictor of ability than a resume.
  • Anonymous interviews to avoid bias.
  • Mock algorithmic and systems design problems with anonymous engineers from Amazon, Google, Facebook, and other top companies.

Pricing: Available on request.

Learn more about interview scheduling tools:

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DE&I Communities

Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture is a crucial aspect of DE&I recruitment. These communities can help organizations foster a more inclusive environment by providing mentorship programs, job boards focused on women and underrepresented groups, and resources for creating inclusive workplaces. Fairygodboss, Project Include, DiversityInc, and Kanarys are all great communities for promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Kanarys is a technology company focused solely on providing the tools organizations need to create long-term, systemic change around DE&I challenges and transform DE&I work with data.


  • A targeted review of your company policies and programs and measures employees’ perceptions of your workplace from a DE&I perspective.
  • A DE&I dashboard with benchmarking information, a custom DEI action plan, and an implementation plan.
  • Consistent DE&I metrics to identify third-party suppliers who rank highly in DE&I and employ intentional inclusion practices.
  • A supplier DE&I assessment that provides easily digestible DE&I data, analysis, and visualization via a DEI scorecard for each supplier.
  • Benchmarking analysis showing a supplier’s relative DE&I performance against industry best practices.
  • Organizational Systems Assessment which provides a targeted review of your company policies and programs, and it covers the entire employee practices lifecycle.

Pricing: Available on request.


Fairygodboss is one of the largest free online career communities for women to find jobs, advice, and support. Women can get advice from peers and experts on salaries, work struggles, negotiations, and more. 

The community helps women stay informed by keeping on top of trending career topics with daily articles, discussions, and research. Members can find new jobs by exploring opportunities at companies that want to hire more women and get their hard-to-ask questions answered in a safe, authentic, and positive environment.

Members can also get all the insights they need to stay up to date on the latest research on what other women are experiencing in the workforce. They can also attend virtual career fairs, webinars, and more with industry experts while expanding their network. Membership is always free.

Project Include

Project Include is a community for accelerating meaningful, enduring diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. With a mission to give everyone a fair chance to succeed in tech, Project Include is a non-profit that uses data and advocacy to accelerate diversity and inclusion solutions in the tech industry.

Project Include provides a starting point that urges companies and CEOs to implement solutions that incorporate inclusiveness for all employees, including all underrepresented groups, accountability of executives by tracking results using comprehensive surveys and benchmarks, and a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of a company—its culture, its operations, and its team.

The community focuses on tech CEOs and leaders, who can sign up for Startup Include and Data Include. Others can sign up for updates as they build a thriving community of grassroots advocates, experts, and practitioners to work together to evolve these recommendations.


DiversityInc’s mission is to educate the workforce and bring clarity to the business benefits of workplace fairness, equity, and inclusion. They provide strategic advisory services to support organizations on their talent development, assessment, and leadership training journeys.

Through custom predictive and prescriptive reports, DiversityInc provides talent acquisition and retention goals based on current organizational qualities as well as historical trends of representation within the organization.

DiversityInc offers one of the most trusted, data-driven sources of knowledge and guidance on how to manage the 21st-century workforce and workplace. Its annual Top 50 survey gathers more than 9,000 fields of data to offer a comprehensive and comparative overview of the workforce and top four levels of management across the different dimensions of inclusive practices, including gender, ethnicity, orientation, age, disabilities, and military status.

Other DE&I Recruitment Tools


PowerToFly is a comprehensive DE&I recruitment tool that provides resources for sourcing diverse candidates, removing bias from the screening process, and fostering a more inclusive workplace culture. It’s a great all-in-one tool for organizations looking to strengthen their DE&I recruitment strategies.

PowerToFly connects diverse talent to free live virtual events with decision-makers from companies, whether they’re looking to change their careers or they’re happy in their current roles. They also feature upskilling content and host summits with industry leaders creating diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplaces.

The company is women-led, and intersectional, and focuses on empowering underrepresented talent across all races, ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, abilities, veteran statuses, and gender identities.


Circa is an innovative diversity recruiting solution designed to help companies connect with underrepresented communities and attract a diverse range of candidates for their open positions. 

With Circa, companies can easily share job openings with over 15,500 community organizations, promoting their opportunities on more than 600 employment and diversity sites. The platform streamlines the recruitment process by allowing companies to track all their applicants in one place.

It is also a powerful tool for ensuring compliance with federal regulations. With Circa, companies can easily implement diversity training and build inclusive workforce cultures. The platform also provides tools to help ensure OFCCP audit success and meet mandatory job listing requirements, making it easy for businesses to master their compliance obligations.

Pricing: Available on request; free demo available.


Blendoor is an innovative software solution that helps organizations track and improve their diversity efforts. Using both government and marketplace data, Blendoor delivers a comprehensive score that allows companies to see how they compare with others in their industry. 

This score highlights areas where a company may be falling short, such as having fewer Black or disabled employees than other companies of the same size.

With Blendoor, organizations can pinpoint specific areas that need improvement and take steps to address them. The software provides valuable insights into diversity efforts, allowing companies to create targeted strategies to increase diversity and inclusivity.

It also provides an anonymized list of diverse executives who are actively seeking employment. By utilizing this list, companies can practice diversity at the very top, ensuring that their leadership teams reflect the diverse communities they serve.


Checkr is a background check and hiring software platform that helps companies streamline their hiring processes while ensuring compliance and reducing risk. Checkr’s platform offers a wide range of features, including background checks, identity verification, and drug testing, all of which can be customized to fit the unique needs of different industries and organizations.

Checkr’s platform uses AI-powered algorithms to streamline the background check process, allowing companies to make informed hiring decisions quickly and efficiently. The platform also offers a user-friendly interface and a range of integrations with other HR software tools, making it easy for companies to incorporate Checkr into their existing workflows.

In addition to its powerful background check features, Checkr also offers a suite of tools designed to help companies comply with relevant regulations, such as FCRA and EEOC requirements. By providing a comprehensive solution for background checks and compliance, Checkr is a popular choice for many businesses looking to streamline their hiring processes and minimize risk.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, DE&I recruitment tools are a critical element in building a diverse and inclusive workforce. This specialized software and platforms help organizations source, screen, and hire candidates from underrepresented groups, remove bias from the recruitment process, and foster a more inclusive workplace culture. The different groups of DE&I recruitment tools, including sourcing, screening, interviewing, and diversity and inclusion tools, provide various ways to tackle specific aspects of DE&I recruitment.

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