100 Best AI Tools for Recruiters [2024 Edition]


Welcome to our comprehensive toolkit, “100 Best AI Tools for Recruiters.” We meticulously curated the collection of the top AI tools for recruiters and created the Notion page so you can quickly navigate and filter out the tools you need for your tasks.

Our selection covers a wide range of AI tools for recruiters categorized by their primary functions and key features. Each entry includes:

  • Tool’s name
  • Link
  • Category (Over 40 categories of tools have been covered)
  • Key features
  • Platform (Web, App, Browser Extension, etc.)
  • Integrations
  • Pricing information and the free plan availability

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Who Is It For

This toolkit is aimed at:

  • Recruiters: Enhancing the recruitment process through automation and AI-driven insights.
  • Sourcers: Streamlining candidate discovery and engagement.
  • HR Professionals: Improving overall talent acquisition strategies and candidate experiences.
  • Hiring Managers: Making informed decisions with data-backed insights.
  • Job seekers. The toolkit is great for everyone searching for a job.

100 Best AI Tools for Recruiters: Overview

Each tool is categorized based on its primary functions, making it easier to identify the ones that solve a wide range of tasks. Many tools are versatile and can be found in multiple categories, ensuring you have access to the best solutions available.

Categories Included in Our Toolkit:

  • Contact Finding
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Job Description
  • AI Meeting Notes
  • Interviewing
  • ATS (Applicant Tracking System)
  • Text Assistant
  • Scheduling
  • Sourcing
  • Outreach
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • Resume Screening
  • AI Profile Matching
  • Mindmapping
  • Skills Assessment
  • Candidate Screening
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Market Intelligence
  • Onboarding
  • Resume Compiling
  • Project Planning
  • Job Posting
  • Presentations
  • Video Outreach
  • Candidate Engagement
  • Data Enrichment
  • Professional Development
  • Performance Review
  • Talent Mapping
  • Multi-Purpose AI Assistant
  • AI Meeting Insights
  • Background Noise Cancellation
  • HRIS
  • Text Expansion Tool
  • Meeting Recording
  • Speech to Text

With this toolkit, you can effortlessly explore and utilize AI tools that enhance your recruitment process. To get access to the full toolkit, simply submit the form, and we’ll send you the link:

Diversity & Inclusion

These tools focus on promoting diversity and inclusion in the hiring process, ensuring equal opportunities, and reducing biases.


  • Textio: Provides real-time writing guidance, language bias detection, and performance tracking to create inclusive job descriptions.
  • HireEZ: Features AI-driven search capabilities to identify diverse talent, engagement tools, and market insights.
  • Hired Score: AI-powered platform to help balance competing hiring priorities, accelerate strategic hiring, and provide relevance scores with fair and bias-mitigating logic.

Job Description

These tools assist in creating detailed and accurate job descriptions that attract the right candidates and provide clear expectations.


  • Job Description AI: Generates job skills, responsibilities, and qualifications, and provides role summary personalization.
  • Phenom: Creates contextually relevant job descriptions, auto-generates on-brand content, and offers candidates a natural language search experience.
  • PitchMe: Centralizes, streamlines, and simplifies the hiring process, offering tools for crafting precise and compelling resumes and job descriptions.

AI Meeting Notes

AI meeting notes tools automatically transcribe and summarize meeting discussions, ensuring accurate record-keeping and efficient information retrieval.


  • Metaview: Generates concise interview notes, customizable data retention policies, and continuous learning to refine note-taking.
  • Otter AI: Records and transcribes meetings in real-time, captures slides, and generates summaries, with team features for shared custom vocabulary and action item assignment.
  • Fireflies: Records Zoom, Gmeet, MS Teams, uploads and transcribes audio & video files, provides timestamped notes and AI summaries.


Interviewing tools facilitate the interview process, from scheduling and conducting interviews to providing analytics and insights on candidate performance. Examples:

  • Final Round AI: Offers interview co-pilot, real-time transcription, resume screening, cover letter generation, and mock interviews.
  • Deep Mate: Prepares questions based on position requirements and CV, conducts face-to-face meetings with automatic answer evaluation.
  • HireVue: An interview automation tool that recommends structured interview questions, templates, and evaluation guides.

To access the Notion page with 100 AI tools for recruiters, submit the form, and we’ll send you the link.

ATS (Applicant Tracking System)

ATS tools help manage the recruitment process, from job posting to candidate tracking, making it easier to organize and streamline hiring workflows.


  • Fetcher: Integrates with ATSs and HR information systems, providing AI sourcing, chatbots for screening and scheduling, and automated candidate rediscovery.
  • ClearCompany: An AI-assisted ATS that screens candidates based on profiles of top performers and generates AI-powered recruitment campaigns.
  • Manatal: Offers AI sourcing, screening, interviewing, automated engagement via chatbot, and customizable hiring workflows.

Text Assistant

Text assistant tools aid in creating and editing text, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and engagement in written communication.


  • Word Tune: Offers rewriting, grammar checking, summarizing, and AI writing capabilities.
  • Magical: AI assistant drafts emails, messages, notes, and more, fills out forms and spreadsheets, and extracts data between web apps.


Scheduling tools automate interview scheduling and coordination, reducing administrative burden and ensuring timely interactions with candidates.


  • Evie AI: Coordinates interviews from a single email, suggests times, follows up with candidates, and supports multiple timezones.
  • Motion: Manages task and project planning, automated scheduling, and meeting booking with AI.
  • FreeBusy: Manages agenda, attendee, calendar, facility scheduling, internal meetings, and room booking.


Sourcing tools help find and engage passive candidates, expanding the talent pool and improving the quality of hires.


  • Fetcher: Uses AI to identify and engage with passive candidates, integrates with ATSs, and rediscover candidates automatically.
  • Kula: Discovers candidates across platforms, generates personalized messages, and tracks outreach analytics.
  • HeroHunt: Access to 1 billion candidates, verified contact details, personalized outreach messages, and outreach analytics.


Outreach tools enhance communication with potential candidates through personalized and automated messaging across various channels.


  • Reachout AI: Automates video email recording, editing, and sending, providing personalized video outreach.
  • Kula: Discovers candidates on LinkedIn, GitHub, and other platforms, generates personalized messages, and tracks analytics.
  • FinalScout: Exports emails from LinkedIn and other sources, filters by location, industry, seniority, and business function.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM tools help manage interactions with candidates and clients, track communication, and maintain comprehensive databases for improved engagement and relationship management.


  • Teamtailor: Includes a generative AI assistant, collaboration tools, automated smart triggers, and advanced analytics.
  • Crew: Talent management, outreach, export to ATS, task management, sourcing analytics, and XRay search builder.

Resume Screening

These tools automate the process of screening resumes, ensuring that only the most qualified candidates are considered.


  • Skillate: Features an AI and machine learning resume parser, intelligent matching engine, and automated interview scheduler.
  • Talocity: Provides CV parsing and matching, video interviews, and cognitive analysis using psycholinguistic personality reports.

AI Profile Matching

These tools use AI algorithms to match candidate profiles to job descriptions, ensuring the best fit based on skills, experience, and other relevant factors.


  • Paradox AI: Provides instant job matching, customizable career sites, and automated screening through a multi-purpose AI assistant.
  • HireLakeAI: Includes JD matching, resume extraction, and both communication and technical skills assessment.


Mindmapping tools help visualize ideas, plans, and processes, promoting better organization and collaboration.


  • xmind AI: A web-based mindmapping tool with cloud storage, AI support, and real-time collaboration features.

Skills Assessment

Skills assessment tools evaluate candidates’ technical and soft skills, ensuring they meet job requirements.


  • Deep Mate: Assesses communication and technical skills based on interview data and resume analysis.
  • Hackerrank AI: Offers AI assistants in IDEs, plagiarism detection, and AI-derived signals like code quality and effort analysis.

To access the Notion page with 100 AI tools for recruiters, submit the form, and we’ll send you the link.

Candidate Screening

These tools automate the screening process, evaluating resumes and candidates based on predefined criteria, saving time, and ensuring consistency.


  • Q-Rate: Automates profile-based screening, communication, interview scheduling, and notifications.
  • Talview: Offers AI-powered candidate screening, interview management, and customizable assessments.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics tools provide insights into recruitment metrics, helping optimize the hiring process and improve decision-making.


  • Eightfold: Offers AI-powered talent search, matching, and analytics, with DEI insights and integration with major ATSs and HRISs.
  • ClearCompany: Supports data-based decision-making with recruiting reports, performance management reports, and people analytics.

Market Intelligence

Market intelligence tools provide insights into industry trends, competitor activities, and market conditions to inform recruitment strategies.


  • Arya: Provides talent intelligence, diversity recruiting, candidate engagement, and AI-powered market insights.
  • Fuel50: Offers knowledge and performance management, employee lifecycle management, and AI/machine learning capabilities.


Onboarding tools streamline the process of integrating new hires into the company, ensuring a smooth transition and enhancing retention.


  • Elevatus: Customizes hiring pipelines, sources top talent with AI matching, and provides real-time onboarding metrics.
  • Enboarder: Visualizes employee journey, provides real-time alerts, and offers a curated library of workflow templates.

Other Tools

Additionally, there are other categories like:

  • Resume Compiling: Assist in creating professional resumes, ensuring they meet ATS requirements and highlight the candidate’s strengths.
  • Project Planning: Help manage and organize recruitment projects, ensuring timely completion and efficient resource allocation.
  • Job Posting: Automate the creation and distribution of job ads across various platforms, ensuring wider reach and attracting suitable candidates.
  • Presentations: Help create professional and engaging presentations for various recruitment purposes.
  • Video Outreach: Enhance communication with potential candidates through personalized and automated video messages.
  • Candidate Engagement: Improve communication with candidates, keeping them informed and engaged throughout the recruitment process.
  • Data Enrichment: Enhance candidate and job data, ensuring accurate and comprehensive information for better decision-making.
  • Professional Development: Support the continuous development and training of recruitment professionals.
  • Performance Review: Facilitate the evaluation and feedback process for both candidates and employees.
  • Talent Mapping: Help identify and track potential candidates for current and future job openings.
  • Multi-Purpose AI Assistant: Provide various AI-powered functionalities to assist in multiple stages of the recruitment process.
  • AI Meeting Insights: Analyze meeting discussions and provide actionable insights.
  • Background Noise Cancellation: Ensure clear communication during virtual meetings by canceling background noise.
  • HRIS (Human Resource Information System): Help manage HR functions and processes, integrating various HR activities into a unified system.
  • Text Expansion Tool: Help automate repetitive text input tasks, improving efficiency and consistency.
  • Meeting Recording: Capture and store meeting audio and video for future reference and analysis.
  • Speech to Text: Convert spoken language into written text, facilitating note-taking and documentation.

You can find all these tools in our Notion toolkit, which we’ve created specifically for you. Easily navigate, filter out, and sort the tools to find the ones you need for your tasks. To access the complete toolkit, simply submit the form, and we’ll send you the link.

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