When AI is combined with automation: Tips to amazing productivity


The Power of AI in Recruitment 2023 webinar series aims to arm you with the knowledge and tools needed to transform your recruitment and sourcing process through artificial intelligence.

3rd Week, October 19th, 2023: Mikel Petrocchi

About webinar

AI in 2023 changed our lives with amazing results. Most of us are already experts with prompts and enjoy the amazing Q&A capabilities of AI. But what can happen to day-by-day productivity when this AI power is combined with dedicated automation and real-time data interchange? Imagine your CRM and ATS being able to collaborate with you having the brain of ChatGPT!

In this episode, you will discover how you can leverage ‘AI+automation’, to compose hyper-personalized messages; comprehend requirements of a job spec to support you in direct sourcing and edit Boolean strings that identify ideal candidates; analyze previous conversations to draft replies ready to be sent via email or LinkedIn messages, and more…

Key Takeaways:

  • See in action a multifunctional recruitment tool that cooperates internally with ChatGPT.
  • How to set up a hyper-personalized multichannel messaging campaign that makes use of LinkedIn data for each recipient individually.
  • How to effortlessly import in just one click and rank a list of candidates with a text-provided job specification.
  • How to maintain an auto-updated customizable recruiting pipeline in sync with your messaging sequences.
  • Discover how to get most of these features for free as well as complementary event coupons.


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Jobin.cloud is a comprehensive free sourcing automation tool designed to streamline and enhance your recruitment process. This platform not only automates profile sourcing but also offers a suite of features for multi-channel outreach, including a Drip Messaging Sequence manager, LinkedIn Automation, and a robust profile enrichment tool to retrieve emails and phone numbers. Central to its design is a seamlessly integrated ATS/CRM system that ensures efficient candidate management.


Guest Speaker:
Co-founder and Customer Success Manager @ Jobin.cloud
Co-founder and Customer Success Manager @ Jobin.cloud

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