The rise of ‘Middle Earth’ – Why you should be hiring in GMT+2


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Hiring devs is still highly competitive and challenging. You need to find ways to increase your available talent pool. To source high-quality talent, within budget, fast, you need to access new markets.

Key takeaways:

  • There’s a massive pool of developer talent across the GMT+2 time zone, it’s home to roughly five million developers
  • The search for top tech talent has gone global, and the world’s biggest tech companies know that there are good developers in Middle Earth
  • Developers in the GMT+2 zone can work in real-time with team members in Europe and also overlap with parts of Asia and the Americas.
  • This enables close cooperation, and easy relocation should they need to work onsite.
  • Why you have to also look beyond your country’s borders to scale your tech teams
  • Which countries you should be looking at
  • The benefits of hiring African talent

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Guest Speaker:
VP of Community at OfferZen
VP of Community at OfferZen

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