“So you think you have D&I Issues?” asked the South African


The Power of Sourcing 2023 is a webinar series for sourcers and recruiters. During 10 weeks, sourcing thought leaders from across the globe would share their knowledge, experience, and insights.

4th Week: Vanessa Raath


Growing up in Apartheid South Africa was a very different experience. South Africa’s history has shaped how recruitment works in this country. Diversity and Inclusion are now global buzzwords in the recruitment industry, but they have been a ‘thing’ here in South Africa for decades.

During this presentation, Vanessa is going to share her personal story of being a privileged white South African during apartheid and how this has affected why I am so passionate about Diverse Talent Sourcing now.

We need to get our diversity hiring in place now for the right reasons!

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Global Talent Sourcing Trainer
Global Talent Sourcing Trainer

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