Maximizing your productivity as a recruiter and leader


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In the last 7 years as a serial entrepreneur, Adriaan Kolff has developed a very effective but simple system to maximize his productivity and reach his goals.

This system enabled him to complete multiple endurance races, raise EUR 30,000 in 5 weeks for the refugees in Lesbos, to speak at the largest Sourcing Conference in the world without any sourcing experience, and grow Matchr without any recruitment background to over 35 employees in a completely foreign country…

Stay tuned for a highly energetic keynote!

Key takeaways:

  • An easy-to-implement framework to maximize your productivity
  • Inspiration on how to achieve your business and personal goals
  • Your first step towards accountability

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Guest Speaker:
CEO and Co-founder of Matchr
CEO and Co-founder of Matchr

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