LinkedIn X-Ray Ends, New Sourcing Begins


Welcome to The Power of Sourcing 2024! Whether you’re a seasoned sourcing professional, a recruitment specialist, or just starting in the field, this webinar series is designed to offer valuable insights and skills to everyone.

1st Week: Balazs Paroczay

The end of LinkedIn X-Ray is more than just a symbolic change; it’s the conclusion of an era spanning over a decade. Yet, this is merely the surface of a much larger transformation. The online landscape is rapidly evolving: new channels are emerging, established ones are undergoing significant changes (some may even vanish), and issues like data privacy and cybersecurity are becoming increasingly critical. All these shifts are reshaping the ways we source candidates. Relying solely on LinkedIn not only limits our potential but also exposes us to vulnerabilities.

In this session, Balazs unveils a comprehensive process for modern sourcing in 2024. Join us and be part of this exciting journey into the not-so-far future of talent sourcing.


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Guest Speaker:
Global Sourcing Leader, Strategist at CODΞ
Global Sourcing Leader, Strategist at CODΞ

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