Influencing Talent: Bridging Corporate Influencers and Talent Sourcers


Welcome to The Power of Sourcing 2024! Whether you’re a seasoned sourcing professional, a recruitment specialist, or just starting in the field, this webinar series is designed to offer valuable insights and skills to everyone.


Dive into the dynamic world of “Influencing Talent: Uniting Corporate Influencers and Talent Sourcers” in this must-attend event. Perfect for talent sourcers, HR professionals, and employer brand strategists eager to reshape their talent attraction landscape.

What’s In Store?

🔍 Deep Insights: Discover the crucial roles of corporate influencers and talent sourcers in today’s business landscape. Learn how these pivotal positions shape your company’s success from the inside out.

🤝 Synergy Secrets Unveiled: We’ll explore the dynamic synergy between corporate influencers and talent sourcers. Find out how this powerful alliance can amplify your brand’s presence and streamline your talent acquisition.

🚀 Overcoming Challenges: Every journey has its hurdles. We’ll guide you through potential challenges and how to turn them into opportunities, keeping you ahead in the ever-evolving corporate world.


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Guest Speaker:
Author, Talent Sourcer & Campaign Manager, Founder of
Author, Talent Sourcer & Campaign Manager, Founder of

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