11 Quintessential Skills of an Extraordinary Sourcer: Creating Multidisciplinary Abilities


The Power of Sourcing 2023 is a webinar series for sourcers and recruiters. During 10 weeks, sourcing thought leaders from across the globe would share their knowledge, experience, and insights.

3rd Week: Caio Jardim


If you are following this sourcing webinar series, you are looking forward to becoming exceptional!

So, are you ready to take your Sourcing skills to the next level? Then it’s time to embrace your inner hustler and entrepreneur. Stand out from the crowd and master the art of sourcing using multidisciplinary abilities.

This talk will be about thinking outside of the box during the sourcing journey: What skills am I looking for? What companies have people with similar skill sets? What is going on with these companies at the moment? How can you use that company moment to your advantage? Am I stuck with LinkedIn when there’s nowhere else to search for candidates? How do I search for these people? These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself.

Join me as I share a little bit of what I learned during the journey of building a powerhouse sourcing team that helped propel Zup to become one of the fastest-growing tech consulting firms in Latin America. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to take action, up your game, and become an exceptional sourcer!

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International Expansion Director at Zup
International Expansion Director at Zup

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