We analyze your recruitment processes and suggest improvements to efficiently deliver on your hiring plan

What is a talent audit?

A talent audit gives you a clear picture of your talent function’s current state and your ability to deliver on your hiring plan.

Through the talent audit, we analyze your organization across 5 disciplines, provide a gap analysis, and suggest improvements.

Your talent function analyzed across 5 disciplines


Is your organization on track to meet the overall strategic hiring plan?


Are the right resources in place to deliver on the overall strategic hiring plan?


Is the current recruitment process efficient and is the candidate experience positive?


Are you able to attract the right talents through you inbound and outbound activities?


Is the right data measured and are the right tools in place?

We work with the most exciting and innovative companies in the world.

How we helped Miro achieve stellar growth

“MatcHR has been key to scaling the engineering team in Berlin. I have worked with different recruitment companies, but MatcHR truly stood out in how they worked as a partner, their strong focus on data, and how result-driven the team is.”
Maria Ivashko
Recruitment Lead 
33 hires in 9 months
8 management roles closed
1 meetup in Berlin

How we supported the Mambu product team scale across Europe

“MatcHR came in and hit the ground running taking over the product hiring for our offices in Amsterdam, Lithuania, and Romania. As a testament to their success, hiring managers requested specifically to work with the team of MatcHR. With MatcHR over-delivering on the hiring targets for the product roles, I could focus on other parts of the business. If I ever have the opportunity to work with MatcHR again, I will.”
Olga Castillo
Head of Recruitment, Mambu
12 hires in 6 months
Strong stakeholder management
Internship filled in record time

How we helped TikTok rapidly scale their sales and marketing teams across Europe

“MatcHR helped us close our roles in record time. Through their transparent way of working and communication, it was an absolute pleasure to work with them. There is no way that we could have made progress in hiring that we have in the last few months without their help.”
Katie Evans
Recruitment Manager
28 hires
Constant partnership renewal
Too efficient for business to keep up

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