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We are here to disrupt the recruitment industry. We believe that the world is flat and due to the technological revolutions talent can be found anywhere. We therefore help (tech) companies realize their full potential by helping them find talent across the globe on a subscription based model. From our office in Kiev our team of sourcing and recruitment experts work as an extension of the recruitment teams as their colleagues with the only exemption that we are never sick and don’t complain. This enables our clients to hire at a faster and more efficient way.

Dedicated experts

Our Talent Researchers and Talent Acquisition Specialists are highly skilled professionals who have access to the latest sourcing and recruitment technologies. Our Talent Researchers continuously focus on finding the right talent while our Talent Acquisition Specialists focus on candidate interaction. Our way of working enables our recruitment teams and our client’s recruitment teams to focus on their strengths which results in a continuous pipeline of qualified candidates for our clients. Efficient? We think so…

Fixed fee per month

We are here to disrupt the recruitment industry and work as true partners with our clients. We do not charge hiring fees nor additional bonuses but work for a fixed fee per month just like you would pay your own employees.
We are motivated by the same thing that motivates you: getting the best people in and helping your company prosper.

Flexibility in service

We understand that your recruitment needs can differ per year, quarter and even per month. We therefore work with contracts for 3, 6 or 12 months and you can decide what contract best suits your needs. Just raised funding? Scaling up? Expanding to different countries? No problem, we can add additional resources in a month. We are flexible to support all your needs.

Global Hiring Support

Our Talent Researchers and Talent Acquisition Specialists can support you with any role in the world as long as the role is clearly defined in terms of skills that are needed. We have specific sourcing and recruitment teams for IT, engineering, sales and finance with global experience. Based on your needs you will be working with one or several teams to support you.

Tailor made way of working

We are a virtual addition to your sourcing and recruitment team and we completely adjust to your preferred way of working. Ideally we work in your ATS under your name as a true extension of your recruitment / hiring team. Our most successful partnerships are when we truly work as your colleagues. Your success is our success! Sounds too good to be true? Try a pilot for three months and decide for yourself.

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We help companies unlock global talent by offering dedicated sourcing and recruitment support on a subscription model.