The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Remote Talent

Everything you need to know to hire remote talent.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, working remotely has become the norm for millions of workers worldwide. Studies have predicted companies will voluntarily switch to a work-from-anywhere policy, following tech giants like Facebook and Twitter.

For many companies, this means they have to completely rethink who, where and how to hire (remote) employees. This guide will help you to successfully and seamlessly hire remote talent for your business and is written in conjunction with industry leaders from remote companies such as GitLab, Portal, Remote, Smily and Firstbase.

What you will learn from this guide:

  • The benefits remote work for business and employees
  • How to source, recruit, interview and onboard remote workers
  • How to manage a remote team and mitigate common mistakes
  • The tools you need to run a successful remote company or team
  • Best practices and tips from industry leaders
  • How to mitigate challenges of starting a remote-first company



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