Matchr: Your Dedicated RPO Partner

At Matchr, we redefine Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services to empower your business with a strategic advantage in attracting top talent.

Unlike traditional RPO providers focused on high volume and repetitive job roles, we bring a bespoke, high-value approach to recruitment that integrates seamlessly with your team, aligning with your unique business goals and culture.

What Is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external provider.

Traditional RPO solutions often focus on filling large volumes of positions, prioritizing speed and quantity over quality. This model is prevalent among large RPO firms, which may standardize processes to the point of impersonality.

Matchr stands out by offering a highly personalized, high-value RPO services that prioritizes deep integration with your company, adaptability to global markets, and strategic partnership in talent acquisition.

Here's How Our RPO Solutions Add Value to Your Recruitment Strategy

Embedded Partnership

We don’t just support your hiring team; we become a part of it. Our team works closely with HR and hiring leaders, acting as your internal recruitment team.



This deep integration allows us to understand your needs intimately and navigate the recruitment landscape as an extension of your company.

Relationship & Consistency

While the industry struggles with high turnover among recruiters, our team boasts remarkable retention and consistency. Our clients enjoy stable, long-term relationships with our recruiters, who possess the experience and influence to make impactful hiring decisions.


This consistency ensures that your recruitment strategy remains robust and adaptive to your evolving needs.

Tailored RPO Solutions & Global Reach

We understand the importance of a recruitment solution that’s not only effective but also adaptable to different markets. 



Our approach is customizable, designed to help your company grow not just domestically but globally, leveraging our deep understanding of varied markets to attract top talent, wherever they are.

Exceptional Quality & Time to Value

We deliver unmatched quality and speed. Our seasoned professionals drive critical hires and deliver results at twice the speed of junior recruiters. 


This efficiency translates to a better return on investment for you.

See How We Impacted Our Partners' Growth

More Customer Stories:

See how we impacted our partners' growth

More customer stories:

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Our RPO Pricing Models

Fixed Fee Model

A fixed monthly rate per Recruiter/Sourcer

Ideal for companies seeking a fully embedded RPO solution without the unpredictability of placement fees. This model emphasizes stability and guarantees replacement if expectations are not met.

Hybrid Model

A base monthly fee plus a success fee per hire

Combines the relationship-based approach of the fixed fee model with the performance-driven aspect of traditional RPO, offering a balanced solution tailored to your hiring volume and needs.

We Work With the Most Exciting and Innovative Companies in the World

Choose Confidence, Choose Matchr

With our experienced team, tailored solutions, and flexible pricing models, we offer a superior RPO service that stands confidently against the big names in the industry.