Top Sourcing Tools and Hacks of 2020


Each year is remarkable for new sourcing tools and growth hacks, and this year is not an exclusion. MatcHR’s sourcing team has collected the most effective new tips for sourcers eager to improve their productivity in a candidate search and top hacks from industry leaders. 

In this article you will find

  • How to double search results from Google X-Ray
  • How to organize your knowledge base
  • How to manage dozens of LinkedIn conversions per day

Let’s go! 

Top sourcing hacks 2020

How to create emails with personalized videos and landing pages for candidates 

Check the guide: 

Video has been around for a while but the majority of outbound prospecting and recruiting is still done by cold emails. Even though the video has a 3X higher reply rate compared to regular email. In this guide, you will find how to create video messages in bulk and close deals and jobs fast and efficiently.

Tools needed: Phantombuster, LinkedIn, Lemlist. 

The guide from Adriaan Kolff >>

How to double your sourcing results on Google

While the official displayed results limit is one thousand, these days Google searches never produce more than 300-500 results. Irina Shamaeve shows you how to get many more results, and even more than a thousand.

Tools needed: Google image search

A guide from Irina Shamaeva >>

How to source by user bio on Github

GitHub has added an ability to create an informative bio for its users called “Profile READMEs”. From now on, when developers post details about themselves on GitHub, recruiters can easily reach out to the right people. 

Tools needed: GitHub, Google X-Ray

A guide from Irina Shamaeva >>

Top sourcing tools 2020

CV Timeline for Linkedin

CV Timeline is a browser extension that automatically extracts profile data from Linkedin and displays it in the form of the candidate’s CV. The tool saves time on profile screening. – document management and productivity tool

Coda is a good tool for creating corporate handbooks and organizing company information, including onboarding processes or company libraries. It is an easy-to-use tool for beginners: It has pre-built templates for different doc types, databases, tables, etc.  

Githubber – detailed view of Github profile search results

This tool scrolls Github profiles and provides condensed and summarized information about developers within your Github Search results.

Piwaa – no more mess in LinkedIn messages

Piwaa helps to manage dozens of LinkedIn conversions per day. It transforms your LinkedIn messaging into a mini-CRM, schedules follow-ups and has a clean and ergonomic interface.

Stackshare – helps to find donor companies based on used technologies

The website shows a tech stack that a company used in its R’nD process that can help recruiters by creating market research or building a talent map. The resource can also be useful for career consultants to give more tech insights to potential candidates. 

Final thoughts

At MatcHR we are fans of new sourcing resources and tools that we regularly share with the community. If you have some interesting and useful tools in mind that help you to be better at your work – do not hesitate to share it with us too, we will include it to the bi-weekly sourcing digest

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CEO and Co-founder of Matchr
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