[Recruitment Meetup] Recruiting in times of uncertainty

Wed, May 10, 2023



In a world filled with constant change and unpredictable challenges, recruiting top talent has never been more crucial, yet it’s also never been more complex.

On May 10th, we’re bringing together some of the brightest minds in the industry to share their insights and strategies for navigating the recruitment landscape during these uncertain times.







What sets this event apart:

  • Expert speakers who have successfully navigated the hiring process through uncertainty.
  • A focused in-person setting with only 60 attendees, allowing for meaningful connections and discussions.
  • Free admittance. Delicious food and drinks – all on us.

It’s time to turn challenges into opportunities and make a real difference in your organization’s future!

You’ll walk away feeling inspired and equipped with valuable, actionable knowledge to help you and your organization grow.


Ingeborg van Harten, Founder & CPO of 7people

Hi 👋! I am Ingeborg, the founder of 7people. We help companies become irresistible. Enabling them to attract, retain and engage amazing talent. During 15+ years in global HR roles, I’ve supported more than 50 companies (including a few unicorns 🦄) to grow successfully. I have now built a team which does only this: ‘Enabling startups and scaleups to succeed, with the best people and culture’

Sanne Creusen, People Lead at 7people

We spend about 1/3 of our life at work. That’s a lot. It’s my mission to create organizations that are fun, connected, and high performing. Places where people simply 💜 to be and get things done.

Alla Pavlova, Tech & Art Talent Sourcing at Riot Games

Alla is a technical sourcing expert, speaker, and coach. Currently, she is Tech & Art Talent Sourcer at Riot Games. She leads the Amsterdam Slack Platform Community and hosts free WAN parties weekly for Tech Sourcers. Alla enjoys building and testing sourcing tools, speaking for sourcing and developers communities, working in pairs with other sourcers, programming in Scratch, or playing video games. Follow Alla on Linkedin to learn more about her journey as a sourcing expert and industry insights, and ask her for a link to join her regular Friday sourcing parties.

Adriaan Kolff, CEO & Co-Founder of Matchr, Public Speaker, Investor

Adriaan Kolff is a serial entrepreneur in the recruitment industry, investor, public speaker, and endurance athlete. Adriaan is known for his energetic and interactive way of presenting and has spoken at small meet-ups to audiences of thousands of people.


18:00-18:30Welcome: Food, Drinks, and Networking
18:40-19:00Speaker: Alla Pavlova

Keynote: Data makes it certain

Alla will go through some KPIs and metrics that will help you to look into the data that can improve your prediction and hiring analytics. 
19:00-19:20Speaker: Adriaan Kolff

Keynote: How to build your personal brand and stand out from the crowd

Given the importance of standing apart from competition during uncertain times, how can developing a personal brand be a key driver to boost one’s marketability and overall success in the job market? What are the most effective methods for cultivating a personal brand that sets you apart from others? I’ll share my learnings on creating a strong personal brand and show you how it helps me grow.
19:20-19:40Speakers: Ingeborg van Harten & Sanne Creusen

Keynote: How to become Unfuckwithable

This story will help you understand how to deal with inevitable uncertainty, coming out as a winner at all times. This applies to individuals, teams, and companies. Ligth-hearted life lessons and a few tips&tricks.
19:40-20:00Panel: Alla Pavlova, Ingeborg van Harten, Sanne Creusen

Moderator: Adriaan Kolff

Keynote: Recruiting in times of uncertainty
20:10-21:30Food, Drinks, and Networking


The Meetup will be hosted in Mollie’s office in Amsterdam.

Address: Keizersgracht 126, 1015CW Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Localyze’s vision is to break down barriers for international talent. Our software supports companies with challenges related to the global mobility of employees. We can support with every global mobility challenge, from relocating new hires to visa changes, postings, and transfers between offices. HR departments can hand over all cases in less than 2 minutes and are informed of any changes in advance.


We are Mollie, a finance industry pioneer and one of Europe’s fastest-growing fintechs. We believe every business has the right to grow, which drives us to create products that simplify financial services – effortless payments, flexible financing, powerful integrations, and more.

Matchr helps early-stage start-ups, scale-ups, and global enterprises like Miro, Booking.com, and TikTok to build strong teams. Our experienced sourcers/recruiters work dedicated for you on a subscription-based model to deliver on your hiring plan.


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Date | Time

Wed, May 10, 2023
18:00-21:30 CEST


Keizersgracht 126, 1015CW Amsterdam, Netherlands

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