How Matchr Powered Ampelmann’s Global Talent Acquisition with Strategic Partnership

Learn how Matchr's strategic recruitment support enabled Ampelmann to expand its global workforce effectively.
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About Ampelmann

Ampelmann is a global leader in the development and operation of advanced motion-compensated gangway systems, designed to ensure safe and efficient transfers to offshore platforms.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Ampellmann has revolutionized the way offshore access is managed, by offering high-tech systems that improve operational efficiency and safety in challenging marine environments.

What Our Customer Says:

Sander Petersen
Team Lead People Development at Ampelmann

“Thanks to Matchr, we were able to grow our team across all our global offices including the U.S., Brazil, Brunei, Singapore, Qatar, and the Netherlands, and had 40 hires just over the course of the last two years. Matchr has been a great partner that has shared with us valuable insights that have allowed us to grow and develop as a TA team and as a company.”

The Challenge   

Ampelmann faced significant challenges in hiring specialized talent globally to support their business growth. They needed a recruitment partner who could navigate the complexities of international hiring within a niche industry. This led to the initiation of our strategic partnership aimed at transforming Ampelmann’s approach to global talent acquisition.

The Solution    

We provided Ampelmann with comprehensive support through our full-stack recruiters who worked closely within their teams. Our services spanned the entire recruitment process, including sourcing, pre-screening calls, and application management. We also delivered consulting on best practices in recruitment, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), employer branding, and provided training and mentorship to enhance their internal capabilities.

Throughout the 5 year long cooperation, our relationship with Ampelmann grew into a true partnership, rooted in trust, reliability, and professionalism. Our ability to adapt and customize our services to meet Ampelmann’s evolving needs played a key role in maintaining a successful collaboration.

The Results    

We adopted an integrated approach, seamlessly becoming an extension of Ampelmann’s talent acquisition team. Our focus extended beyond filling positions—we aimed to enhance their overall recruitment practices, helping them streamline processes and improve efficiency.

Our efforts helped Ampelmann significantly expand their global presence, facilitating 40 strategic hires across the U.S., Brazil, Brunei, Singapore, Qatar, and the Netherlands over the last two years. Our guidance also contributed to the establishment of a second U.S. office in Rhode Island. We provided actionable insights that improved their interview processes, and time-to-hire metrics, and enhanced their benefits package, which culminated in the creation of a tailored benefits brochure, boosting their employer brand.

Ampelmann’s continuous trust in our expertise highlights the strength of our partnership. We are committed to remaining a pivotal part of their growth strategy, continuously providing insights that enhance their recruitment efforts.

For companies facing similar hiring challenges, especially in specialized sectors, partnering with us is a strategic move that promises not only to meet immediate hiring needs but also to build a robust, scalable recruitment infrastructure.

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