Career Transition from Talent Sourcer to SDR: Interview with Emmanuel Sodeinde


In my day-to-day, I get to chat with some pretty amazing recruitment and sourcing professionals. And you know what I’ve noticed? A huge driving force for them when considering a new company or role is the chance for learning, development, and clear career opportunities.

That’s exactly what we champion at Matchr. We’re all about not just growing our business, but also nurturing the talents and ambitions of our team. And speaking of growth and ambition, I’m super excited to share a virtual coffee today with Emmanuel Sodeinde. He’s made a fantastic leap from being a Talent Sourcer to a Sales Development Representative (SDR) right here at Matchr.

So, let’s settle in and explore his journey – from the challenges to the triumphs and all the learning in between!

“Stay curious and keep learning… Being adaptable and eager to learn is key.”

Emmanuel Sodeinde, Lead SDR at Matchr

So Emmanuel, you’ve been a vital part of Matchr for over two years. Can you give us a snapshot of your life as a Sourcer and now as an SDR?

My responsibilities as a Sourcer mainly involved finding and attracting qualified applicants for various job positions which involved searching for candidates using a variety of platforms, including job boards, social media, and referrals. I would also normally evaluate resumes, screen candidates, and conduct initial phone interviews to assess their suitability for specific roles. Essentially, my goal as a Sourcer was to build a pool of potential candidates for the recruitment team to consider. Fast forward, as an SDR, my role shifted to lead generation, qualifying leads for the sales team – it’s a whole new ball game but equally exciting.

How was the switch to a new role for you?

Transitioning to the SDR role was an exciting opportunity for me. The company provided me with internal support to make a smooth career change. I received training on the responsibilities and tools needed to succeed as an SDR, including prospecting techniques, effective communication strategies, and how to qualify leads.

Additionally, I had the chance to shadow my manager (we still have routine shadow sessions) to gain practical insights and learn from her wealth of expertise. The internal support and resources helped me adapt to the new role.

And how do you see the connection between your old and new roles?

Both roles revolve around engagement and assessment. As a Sourcer, it’s about finding the right candidates; as an SDR, it’s about identifying and nurturing potential clients. There’s a common skill set but applied in different contexts.

What’s Matchr’s take on career development and learning?

Matchr strongly values career development and learning opportunities for employees. We offer various avenues for growth, such as recurring internal training sessions, shadowing sessions, and access to external resources that help you succeed.

Also, Matchr encourages employees to take part in conferences, workshops, and industry events to stay updated on the latest recruitment trends and best practices. As a living example, it’s obvious the company provides opportunities for internal mobility, allowing employees to explore different roles within the organization and expand their skill set. Honestly, there’s a lot of resources here to help you grow into your best self.

Can you talk about the performance evaluation process at Matchr?

Sure! It involves a combination of metrics and qualitative assessments. As an SDR, my performance is measured based on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the number of qualified leads generated, successful conversions, and overall revenue impact. Additionally, feedback from team members and managers I frequently work with is taken into consideration to evaluate my collaboration skills, communication effectiveness, and overall contribution to the team’s success.

One thing I particularly admire is that, even though we have formal performance evaluation periods, managers don’t wait till then but would rather provide feedback on an ongoing basis which helps to continuously refactor your performance.

What personal strategies have you implemented to excel at Matchr?

I’ve taken proactive approaches like staying updated on industry trends, attending relevant webinars, completing relevant courses, and reading industry publications to enhance my knowledge and skills. I equally love seeking feedback from my peers and managers as well to identify areas of improvement and make necessary adjustments.

More recently, I have developed an obsession with utilizing platforms like Crunchbase, Dealroom, and Pitchbook to stay updated on market developments and industry insights.

Going the extra mile and Result-oriented are among Matchr’s company values. How do you work as an SDR and sourcer to bring those values live?

It’s all about pushing boundaries, focusing on results, clear communication, and teamwork. Whether it’s as a Sourcer or an SDR, these values guide my approach to work every day.

Any particular challenges during your transition?

The CRM and automation tools the sales team was using were quite new to me. However, the sales team, most especially Victoria and Dima, were very supportive. Their willingness to share their expertise and answer my questions made the learning curve much smoother and allowed me to adapt quickly. HubSpot for instance also has an academy which equally made things easier.

Can you share a training or event that really helped your growth?

Early in my transition, my manager conducted an internal training session where she delved into some of the intricacies of the MEDDICC sales methodology. It was particularly impactful and got me really enthused.

Tell us about a memorable success story as an SDR.

The week we landed three major clients was a highlight. It was challenging, and required a lot of teamwork, but showed the power of persistence. It was more like conducting a symphony than just playing a single instrument.

Finally, any advice for those eyeing a similar career path?

Stay curious and keep learning. This field is always evolving, so being adaptable and eager to learn is key. Also, don’t underestimate the power of networking and building strong professional relationships.

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Inhouse Senior Recruitment Specialist at Matchr
Inhouse Senior Recruitment Specialist at Matchr
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