9 Free Productivity Tools for Sourcers


Speed, automation, and digital hacking are key factors that lead to outstanding sourcing results. Any automation tools are meant to make our jobs and lives easier.  At the same time, tools-mania can make your work ineffective.

With Dimi Dolidze, sourcing lead at Microsoft, we have created a sourcing toolkit that comes in handy for your day-to-day work. 

From this article, you will learn about:

  • Free tools to work with text faster and avoid typos
  • Tools to write job descriptions faster and better
  • Share videos and screen sharing within seconds
  • Anti-distraction tools.

Clipboard History Pro: best productivity tool  

The Clipboard History Pro re-invented copy-pasting. It is the most popular clipboard manager for the browser. The tool memorizes your copy-click board and lets you search across your previous copy-paste history.  In the Pro-version, you can edit the text you previously copied. 


This tool enables you to search and highlight multiple words on web pages. Why is it useful?  Search by skills or keywords across your  ATS or Excel Spreadsheets. Different colors highlight different words, so it makes your “CNTRL-F” search much smarter.  

Auto Text Expander for Google Chrome

It is fantastic! Writing long email addresses or constantly re-type the company address can be annoying. Text Expander makes this job easy for you. You can create shortcuts for sentences, words, and even text. Start typing the shortcut, and the tool will add full text automatically. For example:

“eml” = anastasia.antonova@matchr.io

“adr” = Radisson Avenue, Suit 41, CA-12345 

A great tool to save you from typos as well!

Gender Decoder 

Gender Decoder helps you adjust your job descriptions for the diversity hiring and avoid gender-specific words and connotations in your language. 

It is a quick way to check whether a job advert has the kind of subtle linguistic gender-coding specific for your target audience.

For example, let us check this job description from the University of Washington:

CV Timeline for LinkedIn

This tool gives you a glance at someone’s LinkedIn profile’s key info points in their timeline. CV Timeline is a browser extension that automatically extracts CV profile data from Linkedin Classic or Linkedin Recruiter and displays an intuitive and interactive timeline format of the candidates’ CVs. It highlights the main skills of the candidates and saves you time on the profile screening. 


It is an easy tool for screen recording and video sharing. You can create and share videos within seconds and save time trying to explain something by text. It is also great to outreach your candidates with personal video greetings. Also, you can add in-video or call-to-actions and book an interview right from the video.


Google reports that this tool is THE MOST popular in the Chrome Store. It blocks all advertising on the page, including banners and pop-up subscription forms. It is free!

Besides regular websites, it works on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. 


How many browser tabs do you have open now? A lot? OneTab creates a list of them that simplifies searching for a necessary one. When your open tabs are in the OneTab list, you save up to 95% of your computer’s operational memory.


This browser extension loads paginated web pages automatically. Imagine you need to go through 10-50 pages of LinkedIn profiles. It is more convenient when you have an auto-scroll for it. Simply put, it combines search results into 1-page for easier browsing and data scraping.

How many of these tools do you use? What other tools are worth sharing with our sourcing community – write it in the comments!

At MatcHR, we specialize in remote embedded sourcing. We use over 30 tools to find, reach out, and qualify potential candidates. Our mission is to turn people into candidates so our clients can turn candidates into hires. If you ever need any sourcing support or could use some sourcing training, please let us know. We are here to help!

Article by:
CEO and Co-founder of Matchr
CEO and Co-founder of Matchr
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